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Disney’s My Villains Monopoly Game Toy Review by Mike Mozart TheToyChannel

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Disney My Villains Monopoly Game Toy Review Video by Mike Mozart. Choose your Favorite Disney Villains, Both Classic Villains And Modern Television Villains! Choose From; Jafar from Disney’s Aladdin, Captain Hook from Disney’s Classic Peter Pan, ( Never Smile at a Crocodile if You Choose him!), Ursula the Sea Witch from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid (Look Out Ariel!), Cruella Deville from that Polka Dotted Disney Classic 101 Dalmations, Hades, the Hot Head from Disney’s Hercules, Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, Si and Am from Disney’s Classic “Lady and the Tramp”, The Mad Queen of Hearts also from “Alice in Wonderland”, The Beagle Boys from Disney’s “Duck Tales” The Big Bad Wolf from the Classic Disney Featurette “The Three Little Pigs” (Don’t be afraid of him!)


  1. Just posting again: I'm so glad that all of you agree that the Cheshire Cat is NOT a Villain. Disney, however, seems to think so and keeps putting him on various Villain merchandise. Other characters that occasionally show up on Villain merchandise include the Hatter & Hare, The Indian Chief from 'Peter Pan' and Bruce the Shark from 'Finding Nemo'. Fagin from 'Oliver & Co.' is also considered a Villain.

  2. I didn't know Cheshire cat was supposed to be a villain! I thought it was the red queen of hearts that was villainous….hmm

  3. @AdrenalineAddict610 either Ezma or the witch from the sword and the stone

  4. @AdrenalineAddict610 Chernabog, ovbiously!

  5. @thunderboundstudios I don't know. Maybe cause he's a cat, and being a cat he toys around with everything and everyone.

  6. My favorite villains
    1- Maleficent
    2- Hades
    3- Jafar
    4- Scar
    5- Isma
    6- Ursula
    7- Gaston
    8- the Evil Queen
    9- Mad Madame Mim
    10- Crazy Pete

  7. Chernabog is a little kids nightmare……….

  8. Cheshire cat isnt bad… D: he would go on boardwalk and hades would
    Go on park place.

  9. Ches ISN'T a VILLAIN he is ambigious he doesn't have a side

  10. must find and hurt designers of this game HAtter and Chesh AREN'T villains you dumb*sses!!!!!

  11. finally a monopoly where your character actually belongs in jail!

  12. @thunderboundstudios He's not evil in most ways that the other villains are evil and as of 2008 he is no longer apart of the Disney Villain "brand". But if you do look at both the cheshire cat in the movie as well as the original one in the book he actually inhibits Alice from any sort of sucess. Sure he may direct her but in the end his antics always get her in trouble. He's not so much a 'villain' as he is an anti-hero

  13. @eHeroNeo The guy to the left of Ursula on the board? That's John Radcliffe from "Pocahontas".

  14. I want this game SO bad. It's over $100 on amazon.

  15. Who doesn't love the Cheshire cat
    but I didn't know he was evil

  16. What do the cards like "advance to boardwalk" say on them?

  17. I love to hate the Disney villians. Well, except for Frollo, I just hate him. Far as I am concerned, he should still be burning in hell for all eternity, not be featured on a Monopoly board and go to the House of Mouse every other night. And I'm a little confused about why they made the Hatter and the Cheshire Cat villians. I don't even lable the Queen of Hearts as villian now. I just call them insane.

  18. How come Pete's not on the bills?! He is like one the very first Disney villians!

  19. @thunderboundstudios i know the queen of hearts is the villan

  20. I agree with the others/thatguywiththeglove CC is mischievous more then evil, yes he can SEEM evil but he isn't really, he just likes to tell riddles which makes him mischievous more then evil.

  21. Cheshire cat cant be a bad guy theres must have been a mistake.

  22. Cheshire cat is not evil he is Clever
    Evil Cuteness some cheshire cat fans say since cheshire cat is not EVIL

  23. @thunderboundstudios He isn't…they really should have made it the Queen of Hearts. X3

  24. @2345Pikachu oops found him DO NOT REPLY TO PREVIOUS COMMENT I MADE!!

  25. this looks awesome, I'm also a great cheshire cat fan

  26. OMG! That is so cool. Now I want this version!

  27. Why isn't Oogie Boogie on there? He's a villian too!

  28. I'm a chesire cat fan and I want that version now!!!

  29. I really want this version!!!!!!!! It looks soooooo coooool!

  30. Wow monopoly just got a whole lot better!! Lol

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