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Disney’s My Villains Monopoly Game Toy Review by Mike Mozart TheToyChannel

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Disney My Villains Monopoly Game Toy Review Video by Mike Mozart. Choose your Favorite Disney Villains, Both Classic Villains And Modern Television Villains! Choose From; Jafar from Disney’s Aladdin, Captain Hook from Disney’s Classic Peter Pan, ( Never Smile at a Crocodile if You Choose him!), Ursula the Sea Witch from Disney’s “The Little Mermaid (Look Out Ariel!), Cruella Deville from that Polka Dotted Disney Classic 101 Dalmations, Hades, the Hot Head from Disney’s Hercules, Cheshire Cat and Mad Hatter from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland, Si and Am from Disney’s Classic “Lady and the Tramp”, The Mad Queen of Hearts also from “Alice in Wonderland”, The Beagle Boys from Disney’s “Duck Tales” The Big Bad Wolf from the Classic Disney Featurette “The Three Little Pigs” (Don’t be afraid of him!)


  1. I really want this!

    And about chesire Cat, he may not be evil, but anyways is a villain, like Ronno, Sir Hiss or Monstro.

  2. The voice of the guy in the video sounds like the voice of the sheriff of Nottingham in Disney's Robin Hood. 😛

  3. I have two words for you: own it, but I never get to play it & if they waited a little longer they would've put The Shadow Man on it

  4. I got this game last year for my 16th birthday!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! XD IT. IS. AMAZING!!!!!!!!

  5. We have a perfect line up here. we have…Beagle Boys, Big Bad Wolf, Captain Hook, Chernabog, Cheshire Cat, Cruella De Vil, Evil Queen Grimhilde, Gaston, Ratcliffe, Hades, the Horned King, Hydra, Jafar, Kaa, Lady Tremaine, Lucifer, Mad Hatter, Medusa, Mim, Maleficent, Pete, Prince John, Ratigan, Queen of Hearts, Scar, Shan-Yu, Shere Khan, Si & Am, Ursula, and Yzma. All that's really missing is Clayton! Where can I find a wallpaper of the sticker sheet? I'd love for that to be my backround!

  6. HOW DOES THE CHESIRE CAT OUTRANK URSULA? Also why the hell is Hades not the top. HE IS THE LORD OF THE DEAD!

  7. @coolpizzacook Because its his job. For the others evil is a hobby, for him its his occupation.

  8. Awesome! How much does it cost, and where do they sell it?

  9. that monopoly is also my favorite out of the 200 monopoly's i've got

  10. aww they dont have Scar on there from the lion king?

  11. I never saw the Mad Hatter OR the Chesire cat as evil characters … Just confusing. >.>

  12. Can you review the Spongebob Monopoly Pease? Thanks Please reply

  13. The Chesire Cat is CUTE and not EVIL! or Evil-like-Cuteness

  14. I think that Cheshire Cat could pass for evil. If he risked Alice's life by pissing of the Queen of Hearts because 'It'd be fun' I think it counts.

  15. Can you imagine how crappy that cling wrap will be after one or two game plays?

  16. @Bryanccc3 well, if its his favorite version of monopoly, he had to hav eplayed it a few times, so there must be something keeping it neat, I can't imagine what, though, lol

  17. why aint Gaston on the money hes my fave villian cause he provides the best and funniest disney youtube poops EVER or at least the only ones i watch……..HE DESERVES TO BE ON MONEY and they should make a NEW one with Dr Facicer and Mother Gothel

  18. Cheshire Cat was a villain? Oh god, I have not seen the movie in years but always thought he was a un-useful guide for Allice. The queen wast the real villain.

  19. Where could i get a Villain board? cause i love monopoly and villains.

  20. i cant wait i my getting my disney villains monpoly shipped from florida to england its £56 not expensive at all its a bargain you can get them from ebay or amazon but if you want one look on the american sites because england does not do them

  21. Wow!!!!!! I love disney villains and I also love monopoly. Jafar is the best character ever!!! I must get this. Did you get it from the disney store?

  22. amazing board game!!!!!! i can`t remember this in a toy store or something maybe it didn`t reach the netherlands how lame-__-

  23. HAY The Cheshire cat is not evil he HELPED ALICE IN THE MOVIE…wtf?

  24. TheJeepersMedia and TheToyChannel is the best utube channel eva i can watch the vidz 4 eva i already watched all the vidz on jeepersmedia so im watching allthe vids on TheToyChannel.

  25. If it didn't have the paper looking thing on it, it could be Governor Ratcliffe's hat (Pocohontas)

  26. i have the disney version nust get this disney villain one OMG!!!!

  27. @TheToyChannel Hey Mike, what is the volume for 2,000 Monopoly games? I bet it's a lot.

  28. @coolpizzacook How is the chesure cat in anyway evil anyways?

  29. I'm so happy to see that all of you agree that the Cheshire Cat is NOT a Villain 🙂 I also have this game and was bummed to see that the Cheshire Cat, The Hydra and The Mad Hatter had property spaces…laaaaaaaaaaaame!

  30. I'm so happy to see that all of you agree that the Cheshire Cat is NOT a Villain 🙂 I also have this game and was bummed to see that the Cheshire Cat, The Hydra and The Mad Hatter had property spaces…laaaaaaaaaaaame!

    Hey, your board has a "deformed" crease, just like mine! 🙂

  31. @Pooky1991 Scar, Chernabog and Ursula have property spaces…

  32. @emolypse123 Frollo has his own space: Frollo's Tithe, it's one of the tax spaces.

  33. @Animorph3 I know, but Disney insists on making him a Villain, probably because he also got Alice in trouble twice with the Queen of Hearts.

  34. @DisSkunkID The Villains Monopoly was sold at Barnes & Noble for awhile, as well as specialty game stores. 🙂

  35. @theman11211994 Yes, Disney keeps putting the Cheshire Cat on most of their Villain products; check it out on eBay and you'll see

  36. @TrueEnergizerBunnies Scar is one of the property spaces, and the Hyenas are one of the utility spaces (Pain & Panic being the other one)

  37. @73windman Yeah, I hate the fact that Disney wasted spaces with Cheshire, Hydra, Lucifer and Hatter; at least other Villains like Headless Horseman and Alameda Slim are featured in the Chance/Community Chest cards.

  38. Utilities (Water Works/Electric Company): Hyenas and Pain & Panic
    Railroads: Stromboli's Wagon, Sykes' Limousine, McLeach's Tractor and Edgar's Motorcycle
    Taxes: Frollo and Sheriff of Nottingham

  39. Magic Mirror/ (Black) Cauldron cards include Alameda Slim, Headless Horseman, Phantom Blot (from comics), The Titans from "Hercules", Mad Hatter & March Hare (WHY?!), Horned King, John Silver and Jumba Jookiba (I don't consider him a Villain; I felt that Captain Gantu was always the Villain in 'Lilo & Stitch').

  40. Why is the Chesire Cat billed as a villain? HE'S NOT A VILLAIN!

  41. Mad Hatter and Chesire Cat Aren't evil! T^T why r they in this monopoly game?

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