DIY CUSTOM MONOPOLY! How to make your own personalized board game! DIY LOVOPOLY VALENTINES DAY GIFT! -

DIY CUSTOM MONOPOLY! How to make your own personalized board game! DIY LOVOPOLY VALENTINES DAY GIFT!

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MONOPOLY!! You either love it or you hate it! But what if it was customized personally to you and places you enjoy visiting, now thats a real estate investment worth buying. Today we are going to go through all the steps it takes to make your own personalized custom monopoly game down to creating the board, the properties, your own custom chance cards and game pieces, all the way to printing, laminating, and packaging it for a gift. All of the programs I am using today are free to use and not sponsored. These can be super romantic and great gifts for valentines day or even just a fun game to make for a group of friends or family. The fun part is that you get to customize it 100% completely for you!

So join along as we go through the steps I took to make this cute love inspired monopoly game for my sweet monopoly loving husband.

Programs Used:
Canva Photo Editor (web based editor, free, not the paid membership)
Ribbet Photo editing (I have the program downloaded on my pc, free, not the paid membership)

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  1. LOVOPOLY is a trademarked game that you used to be able to order customized for you. The playing pieces were stand-up photos of the players & instead of dollars, you collect and pay with hearts.

  2. Your board is BEAUTIFUL. This is just way to complicated for me…. You are talented and creative.

  3. Thanks for the help of it so I could show my viewers where to go when to make one

  4. Hello, I have LOVED your tutorial and it's been absolutely amazing however I cannot for the life of me figure out how you were able to print without a boarder. I understand that we have to print it out on multiple pages and then trim off the access however the printer isn't printing my whole image so when I go to line everything up there's a small sliver of a section missing from my board. Do you have any ideas on how I can fix this or what settings you used? I worked so hard on my board and it's missing a few inches here and there every time I print it. (I even had it sent to staples and they messed it up too!) Help please! Lol

  5. What kind of paper did u use for the gameboard

  6. Did you save the board in 40 x 40 in or 20 x 20?

  7. How do you Type Monopoly Board,Community Chest,Chance,Property Card?

  8. What monopoly board did you upload? Mine is blurry. Can you help me please?

  9. Thank for this! My best friend is turning 18 soon and I wanted to make something special for her. We always played monopoly as kids so I figured this would be a perfect gift

  10. I plan to paint mine but this gives me a lot of good ideas

  11. I'm making a bigger board inspired from your board, but I do have a doubt.
    Did you print the mortgage values on the back tooo???

  12. Thank you for the tutorial, I really want to make my own but how can I change the dimension without being a member?

  13. Contact paper works to laminate too and you can get rolls of the clear from dollar tree 😉

  14. this actually helped me for a school project because i am very much single, so thank you!

  15. I'm making a personalized board for my younger sister for christmas as she LOVES monopoly. this video is making the task so much easier, thanks!

  16. You said made the board 40in by 40in in canva. Was that just to make editing it easier or is your board actually 40in by 40in?

  17. I am finding is SO HARD to print with canva! Where can I find the button to print from my home printer? 😭😭 please help! Amazing video btw!

  18. As i already made my own,
    There is no need for me to watch this.
    But i totally enjoyed it.

  19. So cute! I'm making one for my fiancée:)

  20. Thank you so much. I was gonna order one but I’m crafty so I planned on hand painting a board but this is a lot less time consuming. ❤️❤️

  21. Would you happen to have a set of rules made for your board game?

  22. Can you tell me a bit more as to how you resized your title deeds when you added your new pages? Did you just fill the page, or keep the image size as it when you uploaded? I'm afraid to invest too much time into creating them and them have to just, redo it lol! I don't know how to tell if they'll be the right size in comparison! The tutorial has been so helpful for me, thanks for posting!

  23. hi am interested with your idea of crafting game board by using canva. Would you please share which template that you use in canva? This because i can't find the sample template that you use in this video.

  24. If you set it to 40 by 40 for a good quality is it also being printed out at that size? I guess what I’m asking is if I want the standard size, then I should put 20 by 20 as the dimensions when I begin?

  25. May God bless you, I really wanted to know how to make my own and now I know.

  26. What printer is tht
    What size does it print??

  27. I decided to make a Monopoly Dice Tray and Poker Chips.

  28. I did 20in x 20in should I start over and do 40in by 40in?

  29. I’ve been wanting to do this for my family and I wondered if anyone else had ever made one. I always planned on just buying a game and using the existing board with cards and just putting a sticker over them rather than actually making the game from scratch. I was hoping I could download a template somewhere of the actual board to fill in and print. If anyone knows if this is available anywhere, please let me know.

  30. It is so lovely … I made one for my myself to play …I adored the idea …. 💡 👌

  31. That is very good . I just complete my monopoly board(India edition) but i didn't use canva. I am an engineer so i use my T square and sets to design a perfect 23inch by 23inch board on engineering drawing sheet.Then i customize every thing (exclude the streets name) and the currency system.I use simple ms-word,paints and Photoshop 7 to design my game cards and deeds.I printed out everything and laminate them including the board(luckily in my neighborhood there are a lamination shop with 25inch by 25inch lamination machine).next time i will use auto cad to design the board and in future i will turn my grandpa's center table to my customized monopoly table…btw this video gives me some new ideas..thanx for sharing

  32. This is amazing! Thank you so much! My family are all hardcore monopoly gamers. This will be the perfect Xmas present.

  33. Did you print the design 40×40 and it fit your 20×20 board or did you edit on 40×40 then switched it to 20×20 and printed it? 😣

  34. This is AMAZING! I made a natral disaster monopoly hand drawn in school with my friend, now that i found this i'm making it look professional, thanks!

  35. 3:06
    Accidentally places the start "HOME" square in the jail.
    3:16 Stealth fixes the mistake hoping no one noticed. XD

  36. Ribbet is different now is there another app you reccomend?

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