DIY CUSTOM MONOPOLY! How to make your own personalized board game! DIY LOVOPOLY VALENTINES DAY GIFT! -

DIY CUSTOM MONOPOLY! How to make your own personalized board game! DIY LOVOPOLY VALENTINES DAY GIFT!

Burst of Sunshine
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MONOPOLY!! You either love it or you hate it! But what if it was customized personally to you and places you enjoy visiting, now thats a real estate investment worth buying. Today we are going to go through all the steps it takes to make your own personalized custom monopoly game down to creating the board, the properties, your own custom chance cards and game pieces, all the way to printing, laminating, and packaging it for a gift. All of the programs I am using today are free to use and not sponsored. These can be super romantic and great gifts for valentines day or even just a fun game to make for a group of friends or family. The fun part is that you get to customize it 100% completely for you!

So join along as we go through the steps I took to make this cute love inspired monopoly game for my sweet monopoly loving husband.

Programs Used:
Canva Photo Editor (web based editor, free, not the paid membership)
Ribbet Photo editing (I have the program downloaded on my pc, free, not the paid membership)

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  1. Love this idea, but curious about how long it took? I wanna make one for a school project of mine.

  2. New bfdi game coming but new

  3. When I put my board on the pdf and I print it out on card stock paper it’s all blurry how do I fix this?

  4. I am so excited! I had a idea for one and was so happy when I saw you use Canva ! Can’t wait to make one !!!

  5. This is stupid you can’t even fold it up. 👿👺

  6. How do you get it to be 40 inches by 40 inches????

  7. Does anyone feel like you wish you can buy the board

  8. Hi there i love your video and would like to make some monopoly's for charity's close to my heart was wanting to know when you go on Canva it asks me what design am i looking for, which would you recommend please. 🙂

  9. perfect guide, thank you very much really detailed from a-z !

  10. Hi,nice work.Where can i find template like you,that you have in canva?thanks in advance.

  11. How adorable ♡ So thoughtful and fun too.

  12. I love this! I'm going to make one for me and my friends to play!!

  13. I love your board. Would you by any chance of a photo of the finish product so I can get some closer ideas of ur properties?

  14. How do you add a blank template, I'd love to make this, but I've never used Canva and your directions although great were not suited for someone who's never used the program before.

  15. This is such a cute idea and I am thinking of making this for my hubby for our anniversary! We collect monopoly games.

  16. thankyou so much! im so excited to give mine to my boyfriend for his birthday. we can't go out because we're in isolation so this was perfect 🙂

  17. I made one of these using your exact steps! Absolutely love it. It took a lot longer than I thought but was very fun. I customized the properties to locations or vocations weve been to. The only thing was I had to pay $3 to canva to download my complete design and the other website was charging me to print on multiple pages but I figured out how to print in Paint. Still for $3 this was well worth it.

  18. I love this! I'm going to make one for my kids 😍🥰💜👫🤩

  19. AMAZING. This is such a cute and great idea. I tried it out myself and although it didn't work out, I appreciate all your interesting steps and websites

  20. how do you flip the cards over to add a logo on one side and writing on the other in ribbit. good video!

  21. Question how did you zoom in so small on the Canva program I cannot do it for some reason

  22. AH! I am so glad that I came across this video!!! Several of my friends and I have discussed about making board games but never knew how to even start! I also love several different fandoms that don’t have a monopoly set and I love board games and was very sad about that fact but now I can make my own! AND- this is the perfect 1 year anniversary present for my boyfriend that I can make during quarantine!!! You have helped me out so much XD thank you so much I really appreciate you!!! I do have one question though @ the moment, does the board fold/fit into the box you put everything else in? If not what did you do?

  23. Thank you SO much for this! 😊
    I've just made my own monopoly game for my friends using Canva. I am so satisfied. I called it Monopoly – VIXAR EDITION, with all legendary places in my friends history, pirate cards with funny disasters, like "You have a hangover after long night, move by using only one dice", and much more. Can't wait to play it with them! 😎

  24. Hi! I’ve been following your video the past few days, and I just printed mine out but It seems yours looks A LOT clearer and when mine printed It didn’t print some of the colors and it’s just cut mine up wrong, do you know what would’ve been the problem ?

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