DIY Monopoly Game -

DIY Monopoly Game

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DIY American Girl Doll Monopoly Game. This doll craft is fun and easy to make. Your dolls can now play their own Monopoly Doll Game.


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  1. make a TV my birthday is January 1st and this is my uncle profile not mine

  2. they already sells a mini monoply and it is just right for dolls

  3. Can you please make some snacks like chips and juice boxes

  4. And monopoly is actually a really good game but I really like your crafts and the American girl doll

  5. Today is my birthday and the date is 3-14-17

  6. She didn't sound as upbeat as usal🤔

  7. Can you make a store with shelfs a desk and a trolly

  8. I love your channel and this video is the best because i love monopoly.Your so creative.XOXO.

  9. can you do a diy money video? also, i would like a shout out 🙂

  10. Can you guys make American Girl doll money 💰

  11. This is so creative fun and unique. I love this idea. Thxs for sharing with us.

  12. I love your video I congratulate you for giving this information to many people who do not know this method

  13. Impressive! I would love to make the same for my child. She'll really love it.

  14. This was a waste of time cause where in the world is the board? And I just watch your videos I don't even try them out!

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