DIY MONOPOLY|how to make monopoly board game at home -

DIY MONOPOLY|how to make monopoly board game at home

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DIY, easy way to make monopoly board game at home using simple materials you have at home

Monopoly Board Template

Monopoly Board Game Value of Property Card
You can change the names of cities to what you are familiar with

Monopoly List of Community Chest Cards

Monopoly List of Chance Card

Cities i used on my board written Anti clockwise you can make reference to the board in the video

Go ➡️ collect 200 Salary as you pass
Beijing 400
Income Tax pay 100
Shanghai 350
Beijing Station 200
Xian 320
Sanya 300
Suzhou 300
Go to Jail ➡️
Guangzhou 280
Water works 150
Tianjin 260
Qingdao 260
Shanghai Station 200
Nanjin 240
Shenzhen 220
Hangzhou 220
Free Packing
Dalian 200
Chongqin 180
Chendu 180
Shenyang Station 200
Dongguan 160
Wuhan 140
Electric company 150
Shenyang 140
Jinzhou 120
Panjin 100
Jinzhou Station 200
Income Tax pay 200
Anshan 60
Huludao 60

Shoot With
Panasonic GH5
Iphone 6s+

Asian cinematic from envato element

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  9. thank you i made monopoly board game with my home materials

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    This was soooooo helpful for me because I waned to make a own Monopoly for my sister for CHRISTMAS

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  20. They hard thing to believe is that you reply litteraly like 9 months later and I think you could do for the money is that you can just find one on google and then copy how much of each of the cards they are. Also I just found a monopoly in the thrift store for 5 bucks so it was a really go deal all I have to do is take print 1 1$ and 1 5$

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  28. My name is Tembezyani I am in China I used to live in zambia but I moved to China sorry I didn't finish making Monopoly because of my baby brother he ripped it but the video was really good continue making more videos ❤️❤️🈵

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