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DRINKOPOLY – Irish People Try Drunk Monopoly | Floored Games

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Irish People discover the glory of mixing Monopoly with Alcohol…what could possibly go wrong?! MERCH MADNESS:
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In our final installment of #FlooredGames, we got four lovely Irish People to play a game of ‘Drinkopoly’ – which, as it turns out, is it’s own thing entirely! Watch as they somehow make their way around the board, experiencing the likes of beer, whiskey, vodka, tequila, cider, grain alcohol and more…

The Tryers featured in this video:
Colin Regan:
Martin Angolo:
Fiona Frawley:
Bláithín de Burca:

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  1. If any channel were to have such a wide selection of alcohol…it would be Try LOL

  2. I once played a drinking version of monopoly. You start with no money. At the beginning of each turn you have the option of taking a shot for $100.

  3. I liked lolsy’s suggestion a couple vids back of poker and raising a shot

  4. Taking shots of Japanese whiskey?
    what Or like shooting whiskey is absolutely atrocious…

  5. There is a game called red flags. Everyone who didnt score a point that round takes a shot!

  6. Definitely need Dermot and Ciara in this and a longer version

  7. You guys have to do Exploding Kittens, the card game

  8. Colinfilm Heineken really? That's weak for you guys

  9. Played a similar game called "Pink Elephant!" colors drink, pass go you get a tongue twister….

  10. Martin has yet to show his true power

  11. We all know that lip balm break was a fart break.

  12. I played a lot of drinking games and one of my favorite rule was (the little man rule) and how it worked was everyone had a little man sitting on the beer bottle or cup and you had to take him or her off set it on the table take a drink then put him or her back on and if you forgot to take him or her off and drank it you had to finish your drink.

  13. Colin needs to not be behind the camera all the time b/c he's a bit a lightweight.

  14. 3 min. In and they have already drank more than i would in a night where i get plastered

  15. I wish there was a supercut of him the next morning. I wouldnt be surprised if he vomited multiple times that day/night

  16. I love watching Martin because he is such a level headed gentleman …till this video LOL

  17. As a former server, thanks for pointing out the difference between a slave, and servant🍺🇨🇦😄

  18. OMG it would be so Funny if they made a Bathing Suit Calendar of the Whole cast While they are Drinking. I would buy and die from the laughter as well.

  19. i dont know if you will ever see this comment since it has been so long ago since this vid has been out but there is a game called either 21 or mexican.its played with dice or cards.you each player throws the dice to get the highest score or two cards are dealt to each player and who ever loses drinks or takes a shot.you have to beat singles or doubles.if i get a double
    you have to get a double or 21 which is called 21 or mexican which is the highest.if i throw or are dealt a double 2 you have to beat it with a double.if singles are dealt or thrown whoever gets the highest wins.double 6 or 21/mexican are the highest.good game if you want to get smashed or if to see who can drink who under the table.

  20. have you guys tried spunk vodka from Denmark yet?

  21. Always hard to laugh at slavery jokes when you remember we still have it in America

  22. I so want to drink a good bottle of bourbon with Martin.

  23. Back n the day we used to play a MUCH more expensive version with a cocktail of ingredients from South America and Amsterdam.

  24. Your videos are too feckin short. 30 minutes minimum, and no, it's not boring to us.

  25. That was the first time Colin was obnoxious

  26. I think I'd rather have seen real Monopoly modified with drinking rules (1 sip per house, 1 shot for a hotel, etc.) this drinking game seems childish. Say a pickup line to be judged for a shot or sip? I normally enjoy watching my Irish brethren get unsober but this is the 1st video I stopped watching. 🥺

  27. Haha I love how Colin sounded almost exactly like Captain Hook when Peter Pan makes him say he's a codfish. 5:00

  28. Colin says get us some tequila patron ad starts playing PERFECTION

  29. How about Risk or Settlers of Catan? In Risk take a drink every time you lose a territory. In Catan the person that moves the 'bandit' or initiates trading take a drink.

  30. I'd personally, would cross the sea for a date with Fiona

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