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Drunk Monopoly – Beer and Board Games

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Decide what beer we drink!

The first 3 beers of a 6 beer game. ALL THE LINKS YOU NEED: Drunk Family Feud:

Drunk Cthulu Card Game:

Drunk Talisman:

Drunk Magic The Gathering:

Drunk Dark Tower
Part 1: “Glissade”
Part 2: “Monty Python’s Holy Grail Ale”
Part 3 “Poet Oatmeal Stout”
Part 4 “Shocker”

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  1. He was sucking on the cigar and it made a suction noise. Yes.


  3. This episode always seems to tame compared to what follows.

  4. omg. . . "OR A BAD CIRCUMCISM" . . . I just spit my drink all over my laptop when he said that! . . LOve this show guys. . just found the channel tonight and ill be watching all three seasons. .LoL. . .peace. . The Eturn

  5. Anyone know the song that is played at the beginning and the end?

  6. why would you get it at a thrift store when you could buy it at a walmart

  7. Is that the 11 doctors set in the background? 😀 

  8. did anyone else notice the TARDIS in the backround?

  9. "I'll give you 100 Monopoly money dollars and 5 real dollars for Boardwalk."


  10. I learned a little about circumcision with this show.

  11. "Matt Sloan is playing Monopoly with Aaron Yonda, Dylan Brogan and Paul Guse."

    …35 translations later, Bing gives us:

    "Game console Dilonbologinhibaul, Ǵ Weialondis"

  12. This and the second video are some of Pauls best stuff.

  13. Well played lads… one of your most amusing endeavors.

  14. You guys should've used Zippos to add to the scene of this episode.

  15. Still one of my all time favorite games you guys have played. I miss the crazy drunk shit.

  16. Dylan has such an oral fixation with that Cigar in this episode

    He's probably just wishing it was a blunt

  17. I thought the zombies from Plan 9 got you! :p

  18. "Being fourth is like you're dead"
    -Aaron Yonda

  19. Oh, yeah! This was the episode where this show found its true formula and took off for real!

  20. You know that circumcision conversation stemmed from clipping the cigar tips lmao

  21. Holy shit this is 8 years old I remember watching this when it came out. I am not up to date on the newer ones but every year or so I watch a good chunk of episodes for a few weeks, this time I wanted to start with the the earlier ones.

  22. Why, is Matt so so mean to Dyla? Are they jilted lovers??

  23. The "Hobo Blast Suite" line pops in my head every now and then and still cracks me up… you should get Paul in the mix for one of the quarantine B&BG sessions!

  24. You could have buy it new at Target for 20$

  25. Adam Koralik had all this pulled up in comments, no one has liked dem huehuehue
    Silence Fuehorbe!

  26. I have honestly thought about you guys pointing out all the stains every other day for the past 9 years. It's so funny to me, I can't even explain it!

  27. It's been 10 years and this is still the video I always come back to whenever I need to laugh, thank you for that 🙂

  28. Still come back to this comedic treasure every few months, even 10 years later

  29. Still one of, if not the best episodes of Beer and Board Games.

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