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Jesse, Corn, Uncle Larry and Jesse’s Mom play an epic game of Monopoly together in the RV.

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  1. I miss the old family funny vlogs during the series

  2. I dont think there is a video on youtube were the word ,,she” is mentioned more times

  3. I Hated Corn,I miss Parker Gingey is cool though hahaha

  4. Why is this in the complete psycho playlist it is boring as shit

  5. Ohhhhhh I figured it out. The second prize Monopoly card that Uncle Larry got meant that he won second prize in killing psycho dad, Jesse is first

  6. GUYS!!!! Two MVE references, corn said make a decision and terry said something about joseph

  7. I've played many many games of monopoly in my days. I've played 0 games of monopoly correctly. Just saying.

  8. “Do you play 500 in the middle?” Lol classic Uncle Larry is an OG. And yes I’m this far behind on the series

  9. I'm curious how much was scripted and actual acting and how much was just improv or them just being themselves during the psycho series

  10. I know a lot of people probably thought videos like these were boring, but I really think it showed the characters in such a different light. Especially Corn, his personality really comes out in this video and he’s so much more likeable and social than usual. Jesse did such a terrific job turning every less exciting vlog into a chance to add depth to his characters. (^ω^)

  11. Best video ever but doesn’t beat M.V.E or the psycho series… oh same with the haunted series that was pretty cool MJN

  12. The mom won $2000 with the Boardwalk card?! I've never seen so many hotels in one game. The railroad trade was interesting.

  13. That’s Good When There’s No Your Father And Your Brother

  14. There was so much foreshadowing in this episode

  15. This episode really proves the passion for the storytelling and creativity of the psycho series, there's not stupid arguments, or video games being destroyed for clickbait, it's just solid heart-warming character development.

  16. Anyone just watching the old vids that were amazing while in this quarantine

  17. Was the game planed out like that or was it random

  18. Who here in 2020 where corona is a thing and not a beer

  19. I’m glad when they play monopoly together in the rv

  20. 9:12 I just realized the symbolism here wow I love watching back the series.

  21. Your mom should be on the chillin and grilling channelwith uncle Larry because that was neat

  22. The chance card of the gentleman holding the dog and moving the baby stroller is cute. This was the older version of monopoly than the ones they sell nowadays.

  23. This one of my favorites. It's a cozy scene – everyone packed in there, laughing, playing, eating . . .

  24. I love uncle Larry even after all these years 😂 I loved him dissing her for walking on the left side "oh look at me"

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