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Evolution of Monopoly Games 1985~2020

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Evolution of Monopoly Games 1985~2020

List —

1985 Monopoly
1988 Monopoly Sega
1991 Monopoly NES
1995 Monopoly
1997 Monopoly PlayStation
1997 Monopoly Star Wars
1999 Monopoly N64
2000 Monopoly PSP
2001 Monopoly Tycoon
2002 Monopoly Party
2008 Monopoly Windows
2009 Monopoly Here and Now IOS
2010 Monopoly Streets
2014 Monopoly Plus
2017 Monopoly Nintendo Switch
2019 Monopoly
2020 Monopoly Stadia


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  1. My favorite is the NES version, the music is so great.
    You forgot the Palm version. What platform was the Star Wars version?

  2. I played Monopoly on NES on the regular as a kid… Isaac and Maude would really irritate me as AI. I also now remember Star Wars Monopoly for the PC, I barely had the specs to run it lol (still have the physical version with all the pieces, that'll be a relic someday).

  3. 22 years ago on this 18th day in December 1999, Monopoly was released for the Nintendo 64 video game console.

  4. I laughed when the cat got knocked down by the dice

  5. You forgot one Monopoly game is Gameboy advance

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