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EXTREME Monopoly.

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The Mod:


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Crusader Kings II
Democracy 4
Hearts of Iron IV




  2. may i recommend a nice game of The Box? it’s an awfully fun and awfully chaotic card game that could take anywhere from 10 minutes to several days, and it’s free on Tabletop Simulator.

  3. Text spinning away like you have been sent to the Phantom Zone!

  4. Valefisk dominus est doloris, damnati sumus merae mortales, qui sub ulno pugno trepidant

  5. I find it hilarious that Maivi, the German is begging Valefisk, a brit, for Paris.

  6. Re the platinum ticket, irl a guy bought a 5 mile long railroad and went around the US exchanging lifetime tickets with other railroad owners so eventually could travel a lot for free. He is quoted as saying 'it may not be as long as other railroads but it is just as wide'

  7. This is called madness, but this is the kind of madness I love in games !

  8. Next is insane Chutes and Ladders but it's an actual maze.

  9. The Boyfriend Who Looks Like A Girlfriend says:

    I respect Chamber for sticking it Candy Rockefeller by refusing to give back the railroad lolol

  10. I unironically want to try this. I am willing to suffer through this because the chaos seems so worth it

  11. 48:57 What a turnaround
    "Thank you, Chamber, for saving me from railroad hell. Oh, btw, pay me $3000 you piece of shit"

  12. Having the ability to click on the price on a space and then having the option to buy or put it up for auction might speed things up.

  13. That is not the world's worst version of Monopoly. Cheater's Edition is the worst edition.

  14. Technically you cant cheat if it tells you to move forward … just do a full circle 🙂

  15. If you think that's insane, my friends and I made one with over 600 custom Community Chest and Chance cards, with trivia and game shows mixed into the rules.

  16. if this is the youth that will take up the leading role in society one day i say the future looks perverted

  17. I would like to point out that in the original game Utility multipliers are based on how many are owned by anyone . Railroads are based on how many that you personally own. So (based on original rules) if all 14 utilities are owned by anyone (even mortgaged because you still own it but can't collect rent) then it is 500x for everyone .
    I don't know how the author of this "variant" of Monopoly intended the utilities to go.

  18. For more torture, try Ludicrous Monopoly City! It took me a while to update it to a playable state but I think it's playable and balanced. 6 boards (pared down from 9) with 12 groups of 5 properties each, with each property having 9 spaces to build housing, factories, and shops. The jail board has 3 rings but no cell blocks. I brought back Insane Exchange. It also has Catan-like resources.

  19. everyone gaslighting solll into thinking tightass isn't a real term has me rolling

  20. do you ever post like – full versions of your games/streams? i know that sounds insane given some of these games last like 12 fucking hours or w/e but i really like them as background noise

  21. 8 hours is weak sauce, try playing risk with people who only know how to turtle,

  22. Text Color Guide:
    Vale: White
    Maivi: Pink
    Novel: Light Green
    Chamber: Purple
    Solll: Tan
    Dyno: Mint Green
    Candy: Blue

  23. Next one would be "PAIN Monopoly" with double the number of board and hours of fun

  24. I love how Virtrial's board became more and more chaotic as time went on.

  25. I really want to download this and print it. It would be a cool thing to show off to friends and family.

  26. The most horrifying thing is this man uses light mode

  27. 8 hours ha no eight days weeks and maybe even.. years

  28. Everyone else: suffering from the experience that is extreme monopoly
    Chamber: playing open ttd

  29. I've been watching these since the beginning and it just hit me how much work it is to EDIT DOWN ALL THOSE HOURS OF FOOTAGE WTF

  30. I actually really like the idea of having a jail board. The rest of it… we’ll just ignore that.😊

  31. 24:20 according the actual rules of Monopoly Cheaters Addition, if no one sees you cheat for the turn you get away with it

  32. new space for extreme monopoly 2:
    purgatory space
    it's every space
    you're stuck forever

  33. What game is this from? I know Monopoly but what video game.

  34. Make a 4 boards and give them all 6 rings and the jail board 3

  35. Watching this before knowing that that first background was, I thought it looked like a giant nutsack

  36. We heard you liked Monopoly, so we put a Monopoly in your Monopoly and then we put that in another Monopoly and then we put that in yet another Monopoly and then we gave you a second Monopoly in a Monopoly in a Monopoly in a Monopoly.

    And then we gave you an entire board for jail.

  37. Then youbrelized monopoly made a verrrry long monopaly already. Its called monopoly, the longest game ever. 3x size board. You can steal propatys, one dice, and you have to own every. EVERY property to win.

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