Family Monopoly Game -

Family Monopoly Game

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Many a person has passed away due to monop arguments


  1. Between you two you have half the properties sooo the guy complaining has half

  2. Oh my gosh… I just understood why it ia called monopoly. "I have the monopoly". Jesus… Never thought about that!

  3. and then they played socialist monopoly, the state has everything and gives everyone the same amount of nothing

  4. Dude the mssg is deep and I love it, its hilarious.

  5. Lochlond is basically my mom. Every time we play Monopoly, she decimates everyone by buying all the properties and not letting anyone else buy them. And she buys the expensive ones which are the worst!

  6. Leshester square! Lesson from a Brit: it's pronounced 'lester'

  7. 0:44 no, the original point of the game is to teach you that capitalism is crap, but people just like it way too much

  8. Why are they playing the England monopoly in aus

  9. British people hearing "le-shister square" 😂

  10. monopoly would be way more fun if once someone begins to become the Monopoly, you could organize a workers revolt to assassinate that person

  11. "I will set you on fire"

    That was such a genuine threat
    Came from the soul.

  12. To people who read the end bit about the icecream, I will honestly set you on fire if you like that strawberry shite.

  13. I will set you on fire 😂😂😂😂

  14. The most accurate part of the video, other than Darcy’s acting: *the board being broken*

  15. "You two together own more than half of the board" made me laugh so hard

  16. I haven’t finished a game of chess for a long time because of this very reason

  17. This is one of the best like to dislike ratios I’ve ever seen

  18. For all that Jaxon claimed to have no interest in considering the real world implications of Monopoly, his actions at the end were a powerful metaphor for revolution. Elizabeth Magie, the socialist inventor of the game that went on to become monopoly, would be very proud!

  19. Anyone here play spoons? That game gets violent. My aunt and dad broke our dining room table.

  20. Number 2 is generally the outcome of playing Monopoly.

  21. Flashing back to a LOT of my childhood right now :L

  22. Finally, I have found people to share my intense dislike for strawberry ice cream

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