Five Nights at Freddy's Monopoly Review and Playthrough -

Five Nights at Freddy’s Monopoly Review and Playthrough

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Harvest Moon – Exciting Farm Life
Fun in a Bottle – Kevin Macleod
Grind – Kevin Macleod
Turn Up Let’s Go – Kevin Macleod
Casino – Supermario Sunshine


  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees

  2. Why are you don’t know you should be grateful that Scott coffee made for me to French finesse

  3. the reason it's for 12 year olds is because Five Nights at Freddy's is rated teen

  4. how do you think baby is cute she literally murders you and on top of that you haven't even really seen her until you get jump scared on the 5th night

  5. You have bearded babies I have a bearded dragon!

  6. If you don't know Scott the creater has retired and let his most trusted friend take over I'm sorry for the news

  7. tell me where did you get i will give every thing to get that spawn of devil this it so gorgeous i want i need it in ma life

  8. I just got the Fazbear frights the twisted ones book for my bday!!

  9. Purple guy is not in jail he’s spring trap becasue the kids souls came to haunt him and he went to spring Bonnies suit and died and now he’s spring trap

  10. The ones one the box are not fan made…….their the twisted ones tho……..

  11. I think they said that you at least have to be 12 to play it because Fnaf is a horror game that you should not play if you are under 12

  12. Is it just me or do i want to hug the dairyoply cow

  13. I like how she says 12 up doesn’t make any since even though it involves horrer

  14. he says 100$ is too little when the most i ever got was 30$

  15. Not going lie andiematronic looks pretty in pictures and even in real life!

  16. Okay but the 12 years old is probably because of the characters

  17. Noodle is just there like- this game sssssssucks


  19. The money should have been Michael’s paychecks, with how much it’s worth on it.

  20. Awww the baby berded dragon is adorable

  21. Why isn’t it fazcoins!! And also oh no rockstar Freddy appeared! He used pay all people pay 5 not fazcoins. U used no but it was in affective

  22. Your child’s head got bit by fredbear.

    Collect $100

  23. When are you going to do the five nights at Freddy’s trading cards

  24. “ Take a sneak peak “

    Me: Wait, mountain peak?!

    The video : They used the wrong ‘peek’.

  25. KFC means Kentucky fried Chicas now.

  26. "Are you telling me kids under 12 don't know how money works?"

    Me being 16 and still not fully understanding it: Y-yea.. what- what weirdos.. >->

  27. Thanks to u I now have a love for beaded dragons

  28. Fun fact twisted characters are fan-made(at least on the box) the original twisted where the fun times (twisted is a fan-made name)

  29. 7:56 I mean technically your dad owns the place so maybe…

  30. I still want the game even if it isn’t that good it would be cool to collect

  31. I love noodle
    I have a uncontrollable love for snakes

  32. The houses could have been Pizza Large and small


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