Friendships Ruined! Hilarious $500 After Dark Monopoly! -

Friendships Ruined! Hilarious $500 After Dark Monopoly!

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  1. Re watching this vid in 2021, they need to make a sequel to the board game Thursday

  2. I need them to play this game again Instead of war zone. But like I’ll donate to him if they bet lol he can stream and make it back. It’s some of my favorite content from marcel

  3. I didn’t realize people could be bad at monopoly but watching this was so funny 😂

  4. Bro I’ve watched this video so many times and I want another one with these five

  5. What monopoly are they playing when me and friends play its crashes so much

  6. fun fact. marcel didn’t stream after this again. for two years

  7. 36:51 Marcel triggering my ptsd from my soul lv 1 play through

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  9. I can see the monopoly coach on the other side of the screen analyzing every move made and preparing a counter measure😂

  10. “Anything could happen”. Wise words of Marcel

  11. After dark monopoly mean while it bright af out courage window lmao

  12. You don't know how many times I almost peed myself from laughter because of this

  13. Man Marcel stop with the facts all your subs know you fine

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  15. Sometimes I cant tell if marcel was intentionally trying to make shitty deals

  16. I don't like the monopoly online, there isn't any true random rolls of the dice. Also you start noticing a pattern in the games as long as you have 4 players. Certain ones get the railroads, certain ones go to jail more often, etc

  17. The edit when legion starts to make his properties the spot not to land on is absolutely hilarious 😂😂😂

  18. I swear those light blues are the most OP things in this game

  19. Lmfao shows they never had a decent childhood w/ monopoly all the time. Of course whoever knows a player out get the bankruptees properties. And money

  20. The advance to boardwalk card is like a shiny VMAX charizard

  21. Jail early game nightmare
    Jail late game home :3

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