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Full Game Review | Monopoly Longest Game Ever from Hasbro

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NEW Monopoly Longest Game Ever from Hasbro! Featuring 66 properties, one die, no auctions, and a host of other new rules, there’s no telling how long it will take you to play. To win, you have to own all the properties, and going bankrupt doesn’t mean you’re out. Just tear your money in half to make more! See how to play in this video review. For full review and shopping info►

Product Info: Everyone knows that playing Monopoly takes forever. That’s usually why no one ever wants to play it except for die-hard fans. Well, if you think playing the original takes forever, then think again. Now there’s a new version of Monopoly called Monopoly Longest Game Ever.

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  1. They shud make every space difrent, that game would take dayes 😂

  2. ProsIt's just like regular monopoly but it's has 66 propertiesThere only one dieConsIt will take foreverI will give this game:⭐

  3. I think playing the classic monopoly rules on this board will be even longer, stealing properties or ripping up money is boring and ruins the fun for me

  4. Great video, I think Monopoly is the best cosy family game ever! I'm a mega fan, so uber pleased to see this version 😍👌

  5. Monopoly longest game ever is the best l👍💯😍😍💯🎲🎮💕🎮ever👍💯😍😍💯

  6. I love Monopoly, but this game is ridiculous! I thought about getting this game, but I've decided against it. RETRACTION: After thinking about it some more, I want this game! It's on my Amazon Wish List!

  7. Why did you say nobody wants to play it?

  8. It's like Hasbro decided: you know what the already- ridiculously- long monopoly game needs? More time for you to reconsider your life choices!!! You'll be playing this game so much that you can't tell what is your reality and what is the game! Hooray!!

  9. I think this is a good time to play while we stuck at home. 😅

  10. On my kids side of me : I want it.
    On my adult it : Waste of time and money .
    if I was challegene , I would take it.

  11. So basically, what they did is take all the ways people have been playing Monopoly wrong all these years and make those rules official.

    Actually, if you play Monopoly the way the rulebook says to–the way you are SUPPOSED to play–it does NOT take forever. The problem is that people stopped reading the rules years ago because everyone "knows" how to play, and those people went on to teach their friends and kids how to play, and those friends and kids taught their friends and kids, so we all have this idea that you have to go all the way around the board once before you can buy (you actually CAN buy on the first time around the board, the rules say so); that if you land on a property and don't buy it then oh well…next person rolls (not true–if you don't buy it, it goes up for auction and anyone can bid on it, even the person who did not buy it); all taxes and Chance/Community Chest fees go into the Free Parking fund and anyone who lands on that spot gets the money (not true–this can keep a "poor" player in the game longer if they land on that spot, and the goal is to bankrupt the other players and get them out of the game. Additionally, taxes and fines are supposed to go to the bank so the bank does not run out of money); if you can't pay what you owe, you are not out of the game if someone can give you a loan to keep you from going bankrupt (not true–if you can't pay, you are out, end of game for you and whomever you owe gets all your stuff. That's the whole point of the game).

    Having played original Monopoly with the same set of people both by the ACTUAL rules and by the rules that everyone "knows" I can attest to the fact that if you play like you are supposed to, the game can be over in about an hour tops. Doing it the other way, it took over 6 hours. I can't even imagine playing THIS version.

  12. I am totally going to buy too hing

  13. Oppss I have the normal version of monopoly

  14. I want to play it but I can't find it anywhere

  15. This game is as if Hasbro decided to take a complaint the original game had and stretch it to unbelievable levels.

    To be honest, I kinda like its novelty more than the practice of playing it.

  16. The original takes 2 to 3 hours or so. I can't wait to play this one.

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