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“dude, just roll bangers”

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  1. Matt: "You said 'Do you like Monopoly?' and I went 'No'."

    Sums it up quite well

  2. I love that Arin just straight strongarms people into bad deals and since Danny no longer falls for that he has to get guests to extort instead.

  3. Perfect binge watching material on Turkey Day!

  4. Omg Sean and dan actually bully Arin in the last game, like it’s just relentless, and then he loses and gets blamed 🫠 poor Video game boy he ain’t deserve that

  5. “I like making Fabricio hard” 😂 goes multiple ways!

  6. "Or we can just, walk away"
    "No??, no you think I'm gonna walk away from six bucks??"

    The duality of man

  7. Matt Mercer keeps talking about capitalism is my favorite game grump

  8. im in tears over mercer's screams of agony when felipe declares bankruptcy please fshdjskjasdsgf

  9. Fabricio turning into the ultimate villain and seeing Arin and Matt combine together to destroy him, inadvertently following Matt's proposals of working together for the common good is an actually interesting story. And then you realize it's Monopoly. Brilliant.

  10. I can't believe Jacksepticeye being on the show brought about the Double Turn of Arin and Dan, where Dan weaponized rejecting trades to beat down Arin.

  11. As It would turn out, Felipe was on fabricio’s side the whole time…

  12. I feel like matt Mercer would be the kind of person who reads animal farm and misses the point

  13. Dan being the devil on Sean's shoulder when he thinks he's the angel and causing Arin to lose it is a part I should hold fondly in my memories for quite a while.

  14. What Sean and Dan did to Arin was delicious 🥃

  15. Just imagining Law playing monopoly and Felipe is bepo

  16. I love that Matt ended up proving that unionizing is a winning strategy

  17. Matt getting more and more into fucking over the AI is a perfect example of how wildly spiteful DMs are during campaigns and that ONE CHARACTER the party always gravitates to

  18. "It's not a crime to be annoying." – Arin Hanson 2022.

  19. When Arin's getting fu*ked over, even Matt Mercer likes Monopoly.

  20. The sheer vindication Dan gets from other people playing Monopoly with Arin and feeling the same way he does is glorious. seeing them get more and more annoyed with Arin's shenanigans and endless trade offers is so justifying.

  21. 8:07 little fun story relating to arin’s fact; my business teacher in high school kept a ton of monopoly games in his room because for some classes he’d set kids up with boards and give grades on how well they did in the game. and when i took the marketing class, it was just 4 students so the teacher joined in. the game got really intense and when any of us ran out of houses and hotels, we’d grab some from the other boxes. i ended up winning by pure luck and avoiding all of his properties; that was one of my highlights from high school. beating the business teacher mercilessly in monopoly. the game took like a week to finish

  22. I love the fact that Arin starts the game with Matt trying to corrupt him with capitalism, but in the end they only defeated Fabricio through the very thing Matt wanted all along: Unity. Truly this was the most inspirational game of Monopoly I've ever seen.

  23. Hearing Matt Mercer play this about killed me lol

  24. Your compilations are always good. Thank you for your work.

  25. god the visceral malice in that jacksepticeye game

  26. Nothing hurts more than seeing them scream in agony over paying $1100 rent and then looking for an apartment

  27. Arin: “I wasn’t being malicious!”
    Also Arin: “I won’t put any houses down if you accept my deal.”

  28. I love that at the very end Dan can’t even say they had fun without laughing 😂

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