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the world comes crashing to a halt and the wealthy still find a way to get even richer smdh

this compilation covers two curbstomping games of Monopoly featuring halloween boards and sad turtles


  1. I think two mortgaged properties (that Arin would have to pay for) for 2 properties to make 2 monopolies while Dan already has a monopoly, AND 200 dollars which is almost half Arin’s money is probably the worst deal in Monopoly history

  2. Dan not taking the two magenta for the green still upsets me even though I know he wins. It really was a no brainer on his part even if they were mortgaged.

  3. Does anyone have any clue what the hell Dan says in the first few seconds?


  5. In the second one, Dan literally beat Arin until there was no possible revenue left

  6. The nicest people can play Monopoly and turn into feral fucking animals.

  7. “I just wanna see how the money goes” “the money’s gonna go in your favor dipshi-“ “CORRECT” had me dying

  8. "Dan's jewing me on the rent."

    My sides enter orbit

  9. I would've definitely been more cruel if I was in dan's position lol

  10. "Hey dude, so…"
    "No. End your turn, I'm not."

  11. no offense but. that thumbnail. i mean itd not bad just… disturbing. like Oney content.

  12. "At least at St. Charles Place they don't judge."

  13. If there was ever any doubt Danny was a Jew, here you go.

  14. You know. The fact that out of the two, the Jewish person is winning at monopoly. There's a joke there. I'm not gonna make it. But it's there

  15. Which was the episode Arin says to Dan you are jewing me with this prices or something like that?

  16. I'm laughing so much and it's just because of the comments. I'm not even watching the video yet

  17. I think Arin was banking on the idea that Dan would pull a chance card that would have him pay hundreds of dollars for each property and bankrupt him immediately XD

  18. I feel like Dan has an advantage due to his heritage

  19. I love the thought of one of, or more of, the Backstreet Boys hearing them call the thing the "Backstreet Boys reunion tour"

  20. As a Monopoly fan, hearing the disappointed groan of Arin as he lands on spooky Park Place followed by a bursting wheeze from Dan has filled me with so much joy. I'm a bad person.

  21. Dan: I'm not that bad about trades.
    Also Dan: I'll give you one monopoly if you give me two monopolies and two hundred dollars.

  22. Arin has, in fact, beaten Dan in Monopoly. It was on the Wii version in 2014

  23. The brutal coldness of "Wanna make a trade, Arin?" Might be one of my favorite Danny moments

  24. I feel kind of bad that my Favorite Game Grumps Episodes are the ones where Arin is Losing 😆

  25. Arin = does whatever it takes to win and flex
    Danny = does whatever it takes to make his bestie suffer and drag it out for as long as possible

  26. 19:14 is easily one of my favorite moments in their Monopoly games, it's so good.

  27. I love it when Arin rolled a 7 and gave 600 to Danny. I want to know what his face was like when he went silent, and when he said "now you'll have to make it worth my while."

  28. "I want Baltic."
    Expected Dan to go "Aaaaand I want a pony. As long as we're talking about stuff we're not getting."

  29. I always wonder why Arin doesn't just fold as soon as things start going badly for him. monopoly is basically designed to make comebacks impossible, so there's not really much point in sticking it out at all

  30. Watching these videos taught me to protect railroads at all costs while playing monopoly. They are GAME ENDERS

  31. Dan has pretty good business sense, in that cock-blocking your competitors to prevent them from properly entering your market is the keystone in developing a successful monopoly.

  32. The horse and turtle monopoly game just felt so bitter

  33. It's bothering me to no end seeing them horde properties instead of trading monopolies

  34. Of course Dan is good at a game about money and monopolies

    I’ve been advised to not continue this joke

  35. Might as well have been
    "Dan, I've got a joke for you: have you heard the one about two pinks for a green?"

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