Game Night: Monopoly -

Game Night: Monopoly

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  1. 🤣 I've said it before, and I will say it again: Kevin during game night… ANNOYING!!!! Omg… I'm feeling away.

  2. It wasn't until the '70s that the Fair Credit Act passed which based loans on credit score and allowed minorities to not hear this 25:43 from banks all the time.

  3. That Sabrina girl brings the whole mood down of every video she’s in. Stop shooting content with her, so many people can replace her and make the video 10 times better!

  4. Paid too much for the hotels in the ghetto

  5. When Kev gets excited he starts to sound like a parrot 🤣🤣

  6. Was I the only one hoping for DoBoy to get Free Parking? And Kevin is sore winner

  7. That's Mr Baker's ol lady? Awwwriiiggggh

  8. “The Griselda of Comedy”, caught that Lol Keep Going!

  9. U kno it gets real when u stand up and start moving ur OWN pieces aswell 😂

  10. Next time u dont kno that u own it, u ant getting nothing 😂facts

  11. Monopoly IS one of those games, where you have set aside at least two days. 😩😭😂💀💀💀

  12. Yall should play Monopoly Cheaters Edition it's fun as hell 😂

  13. Tony in the beginning: Them road works/ utilities don’t get no money
    Tony in the end: Owning all of them 🤣

  14. Sabrina was just out here rolling dice. She wasnt even trying to win. LOL

  15. Perfect entertainment. I hadn’t played this in forever. Doboy it was downhill when you overpaid for boardwalk.

  16. Doboy cheated so much during this game and still came in last place.

  17. Before it even begins, I’m here cuz I don’t want any spoilers. I plan on having my own game nights (after I get some friends) and I hate Monopoly so that means I can watch this safely 🤣

  18. Wow!!! Did Kev really take Connecticut when Doboy was gonna go bankrupt??? Doesn't Kev know that he gets all of Doboy's property????? That was STUPID!!

  19. I didn't like the way keV wouldn't sell Tony anything to make the game interesting

  20. You can collect rent while in jail. Y'all missed out on money.

  21. Sabrina's reaction to Dough coughing 🤣🤣🤣

  22. Its been over a month and I've watched this completely through 5 times. I can't explain why, but I LOVE this.

  23. Kev you got finessed my dough boy at 1:09:15 he was gonna go bankrupt to you and you would get his property anyway

  24. It took me two months, but I finally finished this video.

  25. When people stand up while playing a game…you know it's serious business!

  26. I watch this video all the time. Kev is a whole competitive child when playing games. LOLOL this video cracks me up

  27. Have any of these folks played Monopoly before?!?!?…I'm only halfway through….Why are they making these dumbazz deals with Kev…..AND not making any deals with anyone else…..ALSO…How did DoBoy make a deal with Kev to give up his property instead of paying…..BUT when Doboy tried the same thing with Sabrina…Kev out here saying they can't do that…Saying DoBoy has to sell houses and stuff to make the payment….And don't get me started about Kev not rolling on the board….I couldn't play in that game….I'd have been fighting everybody….😂🤣😂🤣

  28. Take a shot every time Kev says “SHUT UP!” He ackin like Meg, just with a big head instead of shoulders.

  29. I’m trying to figure out how Doboy landed on Water Works & owed Kevin $46. Doboy then hands Kev a $100 bill and says give me $60 back.🥴🤔😳…. That doesn’t add up Doboy 🤣🤣 #cheatingass

  30. If I'm on your property and you don't notice by the time the dice is rolled you don't get paid!!!

  31. 1:24:00 Doboy “I just want it to be fair” but when he landed on boardwalk was hella quick to only pay Kev 50 dollars LOL

  32. Lol Tony is a horrible banker. He kept forgetting to pay himself $200 for passing go. 🤣🤣

  33. Doboy whines in EVERY SINGLE VIDEO….ugh so annoying

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