Game Night: Monopoly -

Game Night: Monopoly

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  1. You cant purchase property if you play “go around once”. All the players that landed on property prior to Kevin purchasing got ROBBED!

  2. Kev buying that utility before passing Go 👀👀👀. Not sure how y'all play, but the table would have been flipped lol

  3. Idk why people just don't pay the 50 to get out of jail. They act like it's alot 😒😅 specially when it's that many players and you have to wait a really long time

  4. 47:08 being in jail only prevents you from moving you can still buy and sell property and houses and hotels

  5. You can buy houses whenever you want. Look up the rules. If you got the money for it

  6. 1:52:34 Kev you cheated. Dice said 5, but you moved 6 spaces👀 I saw that!

  7. i love when they bring angel's baby so cute

  8. Kev head looks like an EarthWorm

  9. Angel is beautiful no cap… and Tony got him a good one much RESPECK.

  10. Im glad a vegan didn't win, but that burger lol

  11. We need more game night videos ! This is so fun

  12. In monopoly there is 10 spaces on each side of the board it’s not hard to move without counting each space..

  13. “Do you own a home” 😂
    I caught that Kevin, lol

  14. What's funny about this is that they have no idea how to play Monopoly. 1. You can buy property from the first roll. You don't have to go around the board first. 2. Free Parking is exactly what it is. No money collects there and you don't get anything for landing on it. 3. You can collect rent while in jail. I could go on but the point is that they make up rules that artificially inject money into the game and extend the length of the game then complain that it takes a long time to play. All that said it is still fun to watch them play. Thumbs Up.

  15. I finally finished the full 2 hrs 11mins! I truly enjoyed it too.

  16. Y'all should play the electronic monopoly

  17. Not to disrespect but Tony’s girl though ?

  18. Sabrina really snitchin snitchin? If people ain’t paying attention, it’s PLAY ON gurl

  19. Damn! Do boy really looks good!!! Could be Drake’s brother or cousin lol. No cap though he looks sooo much healthier

  20. I’ve never heard of the Money Grab card. I thought Tony was being funny making it up (it was funny and clever to me). This must be a new version.

  21. I got me wanting to play monopoly for real🤣

  22. Tony messing up every time he says something has me cracking up! 😂😂😂

  23. DoBoy LIED! You mos def collect your rent in jail.

  24. Yall really went that whole game with noone landing on free parking? That's wild

  25. They joking but he really coughed corona 😷🧼! The trust is strong with these ones, but corona and your body is uncommon🤣

  26. When you lose your hair everything else becomes more important

  27. Explain why everyone washed their hands to eat but continued to grab the dirty dice & money they'd all touched for past two hrs? Doboy took the paper towel roll out the bathroom & put it on the floor making Kev result to drying his hands on his probably sweaty undershirt. Well I guess when you're HANgry hungry you lose all your faculties lol

  28. Doh is me checking my bank account. “I only got $8… actually I got $7… actually I got $6.” 😩

  29. Kev that one dude in the barbershop makin’ hella rackit over lil shit

  30. Kev got Do outta here now he working for him lol

  31. Please use your arms to cough! Gotta be safe these days

  32. It took me a couple days to watch this but I got through it 😂. You guys should do a Kev vs Tony match.

  33. Kev and tony matching beautiful black lady and man

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