Game of Thrones Monopoly Collectors Edition Review! -

Game of Thrones Monopoly Collectors Edition Review!

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Game of Thrones Monopoly Collectors Edition Review!

Alright what’s going on guys it’s Trev back again here to bring you another video. In this one I will be doing a review for the Game of Thrones collector’s edition of monopoly!

This is really fun, I eventually want to see if I can get the Walking Dead edition as well. If I do find one for a good price I will definitely do a review of it.

As always, thanks for watching everyone!

– Trev

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  1. Jail should have been Dungeon and Free Parking should have been Free Folk.

  2. You dummy that one piece looks like the white walker

  3. I like the fact that twd is starting in a few days and trev is casually talking about got while im all like "WHJFHJKDF WALKING DEAD URGHHHHH" haha nice video trev, maybe ill get it once it becomes available in my country.

  4. are u going to do a video on mindhunter? would be cool to hear your thoughts

  5. You should check out GoT Risk. It's awesome

  6. Monopoly, the game no one ever plays, yet everyone has played at least once. Has a million different versions, yet the game play never actually changes, and still no one can agree on the rules.

  7. wtf…. very poor design, having things being exactly the same as in normal monopoly..

  8. Why would you do this shit over a Mr. Robot review. Smh Trev.

  9. What up Trev? Only 4 more days. I'm going through a rough time right now

  10. Comments are wack down here. I don't mind waiting a few days for walking dead. There's gona be plenty of time to nerd out on the upcoming season.

  11. FOMG TREV!!!!!!! Im soooooo. Freakin JEALOUS!!!!!! Ur sooo lucky! I WOULD LUUUV THAT. BEEN wanting it forever❣️😍💋. Lucky bum

  12. Walking Dead video soon Trev? New Sneak Peek was released!

  13. Does Trev know that walking dead starts this week?

  14. Ya the walking dead one is awesome I got both the comic one and the TV show one. I like the TV Show one the best but both are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. TWD Season 8 Premiere is in 3 days and Trev uploads a video of… GOT Monopoly review?

  16. Hey Trev, you GOTTA get the Stranger Things Season 1 Blu Ray / DVD (Target exclusive) and do a review on it. The packaging is designed to look like a retro VHS tape, all weathered and sweet looking. I'm going to be picking it up myself this weekend. Just thought I'd let you know in case you hadn't heard about it yet because I know you're a big fan of the series as well. Looking forward to more great videos from you. Season 8 on the way!!

  17. Ayyy I got that one too! Awesome stuff. Best board game+best show= epic shit!

  18. These comments are so annoying like yes he knows we're all hyped af for twd starting Sunday but not everything on his channel needs to be twd. Sometimes there just isn't much left to talk about.

  19. I was thrilled when I saw a GoT version of Monopoly. However, after thinking about it, I think if I was going to buy a GoT themed game, a GoT Risk (which does exist) would be more fitting considering the focus of GoT. The GoT Monopoly is pretty cool though. 🙂

  20. If only free parking was something better, and then jail could have been a dungeon, but other than that it's a very cool collectors item

  21. super cool… i got the TMNT collectible Monopoly game earlier this year… got a helluva deal on it too… i think i might look into getting my mom TWD Monopoly as a Christmas gift or something… thanks for sharing Trev

  22. what's the difference between the collector's version and the regular GOT monopoly (hasbro) version?

  23. could you share a link where I could find the original version? I came across several websites selling this but some of them don't come with the scroll. It is just a piece of paper for the rules

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