Game of thrones monopoly pickup! -

Game of thrones monopoly pickup!

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  1. I love monopoly I have the Pokemon monopoly and the new monopoly that got released last year new friend here nice to meet you

  2. OMG I would love that game. Where can I buy one?

  3. The chat is frozen on your live stream right now and I want this I collect Monopoly

  4. Awesome content friend this looks amazing to play love monopoly 😁👍 new friend here 🤝

  5. Hey guys , that looks sic .Lovely to meet you

  6. #27 like Wicked live stream ! new family playing who vid- love nana

  7. Nice video. ridiculous that they used the same old "Go to jail" drawing on this board that they use on the original.

  8. Wow nice monopoly layout! 👍👍😍Love it

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