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Game Review | Ms. Monopoly from Hasbro

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NEW Ms. Monopoly from Hasbro! A female-centric version of the classic board game. Buy up women-invented products as you move your token around the gameboard. Men collect $200 for passing “Go”, while women collect $240. See how to play in this video review and tutorial! For full review and shopping info►

Product Info: For a long time, men have had a monopoly on Monopoly, but not anymore thanks to the new Ms. Monopoly, “the first game where women make more than men.” Inspired by the many products invented by women, such as wifi, modern shapewear, and a certain delicious chocolate chip cookie, the Ms. Monopoly version gives players the opportunity to buy up those inventions.

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  1. I'll bet the CEO and most of the senior directors at Ha$bro are men

  2. How does this reviews brain function on three brain cells?

  3. no cons, isnt the game being sexist a con

  4. 0:00, the original game was completely fair and was invented by a feminist, talk about fixing about a problem that doesn’t wxist

  5. What is the lesson hasbro is trying to teach kids ? Feminism. What are they really teaching kids ? Women can’t win anything unless it’s rigged for them. I don’t think that’s true but that’s what the game is showcasing

  6. Entirely unrealistic, the railroad options should stay the same because women can’t drive in order to drive share

  7. this game fights gender inequality with gender inequality. THE FIRST BOOK HAS THE SAME RULES FOR BOTH FREAKING GENDERS!

  8. She really wants me to subscribe to her stupid feminism wow your as stupid as Hasbro if you think I'm going to subscribe Also she says both gender can play yeah like male are wanna go and play against women that have an advantage what kind of stupid ass retards would play this Besides feminist of course because there just over there having a orgasm everytime they get 40 dollars more

  9. “No cons, so 4 stars” that um.. ok Nevermind but you should know that fighting sexism with sexism is ridiculous.

  10. Fighting sexism with sexism. What a great idea

  11. Thought the glass was about wine.

  12. I disliked the video 4 seconds in. Monopoly used to be one of the most non-sexist games ever! Boys and girls both had equal opportunity. Hasbro, teaching boys and girls that women can't succeed without handouts.
    Thanks you bullshitters.

  13. remember when men got paid more in the original monopoly?

    Me neither.

  14. lol I love how she thinks men would ever play it.

  15. My question is
    Does any men wan't to play it because they are disadvantaged,no reason to play a game were you have more chances to loose against women
    It's pointless and proves that extremist feminism is creating fake problems and discredit all the other feminist groups

  16. No cons I will give you the cons : 1. Men get less so it is unfair
    2.the old one was not giving an bonus to men so it is use less
    3. Rude to women it says that they need a bonus to win
    4.makes hate for hasbro

  17. My favorite part is zero negative things about the game but only 4 stars

  18. So the solution for inequality is inequality??

  19. You know it's bad when even the comments have more likes than the video itself

  20. Was the 4/5 rating based on it not wowing you tremendously?

  21. “I have no cons so I’m going to give it 4 stars!”


  22. It always kills me that when Lori has no cons to a game or a toy, she gives it FOUR out of five stars.

  23. ik im a year late but what the hell Hasbro this is sexist too both genders

  24. Okay, so great in theory, just not in practice. Actually, is this even a good idea in theory? Looking at only the review, I spot a few flawed contentions. First, let's go with the tagline: The First Game Where Women Make More Than Men. Bold statement. What about chess, where the woman/queen makes more kills and racks up more points and often times is the one to secure the checkmate. Also, who cares? This game isn't even Monopoly anymore and let me go on to explain.

    First, they throw out most of the original Monopoly characteristics. Properties are now inventions, there is an equality difference, and railroads are replaced. In original monopoly, the game never cared if you were a man or woman, and thus treated everyone the same, which would help out the feminists, since it would be a game that is inherently giving equal rights to EVERYONE. Whoever came up with this game idea was a Matriarchist and not a feminist or equal rights group, as both groups contend that there should be equal rights for everyone. However, people get them mixed up with teh more commonly known matriarchists who want to rid the world of men (which we can see won't work, because men have to work with women to produce men and women). By making women earn more than men in this game, it discriminates against men based on gender, which is the very thing women have been trying to rid the world of- discrimination of gender. Hypocrisy? I'll let you decide. Instead of houses and hotels, there are headquarters. What??

    Secondly, this game seeks to be educational way past the original monopoly. Sure, monopoly was educational, but not throwing random life facts at people. Property cards have been turned into flashcards about women. Whoever gets this game, i am very sorry for, because you paid another, what, 15 bucks to go back to school in an inherently biased women based lesson?

    Thirdly, it's being used now as a tool to inspire people, so is it even a game anymore? This could down real well with gender mixed groups. i can just see it now. All the political and gender conversations while the game gets cast away and forgotten about. Great way to end friendships. This isn't a game, but rather a narrow-minded mindset disguised as a game.

    It's going to be so fun, collecting more money at go if you're a woman! Really? So now when the guys lose, they can just point to that. This game is so unrealistic, all that's going to come out of it is indoctrination and strife.

    And they claim we don't have to learn anything new?? Oh excuse me, what's with the carpool spaces? And the extra money for female players? Right, not new concepts at all. Oh yeah, no cons, yet, four stars? that's a little sus. Of course she doesn't ahve any cons, because she's not thinking logically. All versions of monopoly somewhat stuck to the original gameplay concept, and they try to pass this one off. It's so different and dare i say- toxic. Just get a better version, like the one with the credit cards. That one is cool. Or get the for sure one where evreyone is equal. The original. WOAHHHHH. Come on Hasbro, make more nerf guns, not more of this crap.

  25. Luckily I can just identify as female when I pass go then go back to being male, because that's how that works now apparently.

  26. It was at the time that I launched this game and I thought: Humanity is evolving, only on the contrary

  27. 2:08 hahahahahah what funny female players collect more money hahahahahahhahahah

  28. uh, do people even understand what feminism is anymore? no male player will ever want to play this

  29. I didn’t know that Ms. Monopoly is Uncle Pennybags/ Mr. Monopoly’s Niece

  30. Hmm…. so a woman was responsible for the original inequity in the game

  31. This is absurdly ridiculous 🙄.. monopoly wasn't made for men to make more….

  32. Are you gonna live in a chocolate chip cookie? What happens if someone lands on your chocolate chip cookie? And why is it worth 400 Moneys? What is a Money worth? A 1/100 of a penny? Is that what this game is worth? So many questions.

  33. So the game is sexist just for the sake of being sexist

  34. If the game has no Cons! How do you give the game only 4stars?!

  35. ah yes, empowering women by creating a game in which they are provided with an advantage throughout the game – seems like a completely counter-productive idea entrenching this gender difference , real equality is normal monopoly where everyone gets the same for passing go and same at the start. Dumb idea

  36. Yeah I think telling women they deserve more then men basically is annoying. I'm tired of it in real life I don't want to play a board game like this. Imagine telling your upset son that his sister gets more game currency, because she's a girl and he's a boy. That's kinda mean.

    Lil Jimmy: why does she get more? We passed go the same way…

    Lil Susie: that's the rules dummy! I like this game so we're playing. Mom!!!

    Mom: sorry sweetie those are the rules maybe next time we can play the original monopoly so it'll be easier for you.

    Will little Jimmy care a woman invented something? No. He's gonna be mad, because he's gonna think you're cheating.

  37. This is more sexist than the original Monopoly 😂 in the original it didnt matter which race or gender you have. Everybody starts with the same amount of money and has the same chances to win 😂😂

  38. Don’t forget women invented headaches

  39. So is this a game about equality??? Cause i don't see how women earning more than men is equality

  40. there is no pay gap men work harder than women thats why we get paid more stupid game

  41. A woman made the original monopoly 🤦‍♂️

  42. I wonder if they realize how sexist this is against men…

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