Games I Couldn't -3- Rabbids Monopoly -

Games I Couldn’t -3- Rabbids Monopoly

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Yes, this is a thing….but it’s REALLY boring!


  1. as someone who plays this with my mum a lot the £2.39 was worth it just for the rabbids character because I really like it but apart from that yeah don’t buy this

  2. If you ever bought a Wii U would you play Rabbids Land and the rumoured upcoming Rabbids Go Home 2?

  3. I'm a fan of Rabbids and wanted this DLC, but had to check a video first.
    As you say, it doesen't add anything to the game.

    The description of this DLC is entirely a lie. It says Rabbids will invade the board and go crazy. Now, where is this crazyness?

  4. Such a missed opportunity to make a normal game amazing and crazy!

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