Games Workshop Behaving Badly? Warhammer and GWs Monopoly... -

Games Workshop Behaving Badly? Warhammer and GWs Monopoly…

Auspex Tactics
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Let’s talk a little about GW and some of their more questionable decisions lately…

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0:00 Intro
1:54 Some Grievances
5:19 Warhammer + GW
7:56 Community Action?


  1. Not sure if you are up on their recruitment emails at all, but living in Nottingham, I always had my eye on it for potential career jump to my fav miniature making company…….recently though I’ve started to lose my desire for this jump and treat their job awareness emails as more of an insight into how bad actually is it in there!?
    This morn I woke to find a recruitment advert for a New Lead Games Developer for both 40K and Kill Team……
    Not sure if this is a good thing or bad…..especially as KT has just been revised hasn’t it?
    I know they work way ahead of current release etc so it could be preparation for 10th but yeah….looks like a change is desired from GW!
    (I have email screen or proof but not sure how to send for your awareness)

  2. I have to admit I've not played since before covid and I've got no motivation to do so at the moment and I'm thinking of just selling all my armies. As the game has gone ridiculous

  3. So, what are some competitors to GW with some great stories and interesting, fun play?

  4. I've been collecting and playing since 3rd edition (Imperial Guard!) but recently I've lost my enthusiasm completely. With guard constantly being shit on and the price rises pricing me out of the hobby (Everything else real life goes up too, except my wages! And paying rent and bills and food must come first. I have very little left each month for hobby.) I've still got my old pile of shame thats accumalated over the years, so chances are I'll just work on that using other brand paints, when I have the time. But wallet = closed, for games workshop.

  5. Chewie the galaxy's most handsome Wookie says:

    I'm thinking about quitting all together and salling my stuff to someone who still wants to be in the hobby as a final middle finger to GW taking at least a bit of cash from them by selling for cheaper

  6. Fan animators were such a minor % of this community too, but now everyone acts like their best friend just lost his 6k a month Patreon and is gonna be homeless. While they have announced their new IP changes, I haven't seen them actually go and shut anyone down just yet. And I know it's unpopular but you really can't make money off of any other companies intellectual properties, this shouldn't surprise anyone. I've supported GW since I was a wee lad, and about 75% of the complaints have said: "Well this is why I have NEVER bought a GW model!" "This is why I 3D print stuff!" "I haven't bought GW in over a decade!" And then have the audacity to act like GW hasn't done enough to reclaim them as a customer? Lmao, some of these people never wanted to, and never would, support GW but it's a lot easier to reach the heavens and complain when you've turned all the mountains into a molehill.

  7. It is like they all got together shortly after 9th was released and decided that what they needed was a LOT MORE MATT WARD. I wouldn't be surprised if they have Matt Ward ghost writing this shit. The balance is awful. I LOVE 9th. It is their best ruleset ever. The power creep is absurd, though. It is so sad to look at your local game club chats and see people begging for 8th edition games because their armies are completely unusable in 9th.

  8. Well, there is always Historicals/Conquest/Legion/Armada/Warmastarhordes/STAW/SWAW/Battletech/Infinity and others

  9. 40k/GW is turning into the Robotech/Harmony Gold of gaming.

  10. Cope and seethe. It's their IP , don't like it go elsewhere.

  11. Guitarhaus doesntknowwhatacommunistis says:

    The decision to go after people creating content with the setting (whther that's Text-to-speech, Astartes or god only knows how many others) is frankly baffling to me since it's effectively free advertising for the company. True, they're launching a streaming service of some sort and have offered employment to some of these folks, but the fact remains attacking people who are essentially your most dedicated fans is akin to taking aim at your own feet with a double barrel shotgun.

    By comparison, Battletech has guys like the black pants legion spending months to do reserch on the game's lore and then presenting them as video essay's which can be hours long with a plethora of art and animation and Catalyst games is smart enough not to say sweet fuck all.

  12. I’m not super huge on the whole boycott thing. I don’t think that minority is going to make a difference. I did however not push preorder today for the new codex for a second army…. Waiting for now, and buying less but not cutting off entirely.

  13. Bruh Star wars legion and Battletech startin’ to look pretty fun.

    It’s saddening though. They act like they’re TRYING to repulse as many people from the hobby as possible.

    I like the lore, I like the character designs. And thanks to Snipe and Wib I now wanna try the older rules to see how it plays out.

    But dang, much like the imperium itself, GW is but a bloated, misshapen husk of its former self.

  14. Thank you for raising this. This is the last straw for me. All my armies are on ebay. I've moved to marvel crisis protocol it's amazing. I recommend trying it and having a second channel on that.. lots of 40k guys moved there recently and it's a really really fun and balanced skirmish game

  15. I think they must have hired the same kind of people Blizzard did when it started going down
    very greedy people and delusional

  16. With all the stuff GW is doing I've moved to other systems and purchased a 3d printer.
    Sick of their practices.

  17. I been wanting to get into playing all Game work shop games and i mostly buying my books through ebay or second hand. I was wondering if anyone willing to point me in the right direction and for a beginner

  18. I'm done with GW until they change the company's direction and apologize to Alfabusa, Sodaz, and the rest of the fan creators. I'll just reread my 100+ books, probably into the 40th millennium.

  19. The artificial scarcity really pisses me off. New Zealand’s biggest online retailer, where I usually get all my pre orders, was only supplied ONE copy of the beast snaggas box. That was the last nail in the coffin and I will be 3D printing all my armies from now on.

  20. 40k is now a complete joke. Whoever goes out and buys the biggest model, wins…..that simple. Who's ready to drop 2498.00 on a titan??

  21. Alternatively: I’m thinking of getting a 3d printer and making a fully Proxyed Khorne AoS army. It’s fine for casual play, is a good boycott strategy, and frankly looks absolutely dope!
    EDIT: I think this is the most likes I’ve ever got on a comment, haha!

  22. Always good advice very good I won’t stop playing war hammer40k even if the company has sum very bad practices I personally won’t stop been playing since second edition love my army don’t blame the army for games workshop problems cadia all the way kasrkin to the end too invested in my cadian army to stop playing war hammer now going to ride it out and see we’re games workshop goes with all this shenanigans.

  23. They are a pile of shit these days. I bought a Kings of War starter set this week.

  24. Hey Auspex … you are showing pictures of GW products, so technically you are in breach of their IP guidelines. Legally you are fine (under review and critique excemptions) but I doubt you could fight them if they decided to create a competing show on Warhammer+

  25. We don't know if they are aware, because they never communicate. Also if you are upset DO NOT SUBSCRIBE TO WARHAMMER+

  26. What would happen to their stock if they would lower their prices and be cool with their fans?

  27. The youtube channel table top minions has created a new skirmish game. Use any mini's. Looks interesting. Bye bye GW!

  28. Gw have a monopoly on WarHammer.

    Yes, they own it?

  29. I've jumped ship to warlord games bolt action & black powder minatures. I still like to know what's going on with 40k, but it's been years since i bought anything 40k related. All of the recent stuff with fan animations and the like recently has made it even less likely i'll go back. I started playing warhammer 40k in 3rd edition, 7th was turning into 8th when i started to move away, and haven't went back since.

  30. I will keep enjoying Warhammer. But I will not give GW a penny. I will buy second hand armies, books, etc, and I will not buy anything from GW or a GW license holder.

  31. I was buying white dwarf when it still had other games in them. I am in South Africa (aside from a stint working in the UK) and GW was always an expensive hobby. But now my 3 sons are getting into it with the oldest (22) building a salamander army. What GW has always done well is the lore, world-building and linking it to quirky mini's that have improved dramatically from my limited experience of buying in the 80's, 90's (the Ork and ultramarine big box set), early 20's assault on Black Reach. Both older children have bought combat patrol sets and the models are awesome. But 3D printing is developing in leaps and bounds and becoming inexpensive. I cannot see my grandchildren buying boxes of mini's.

    The brand will survive on the world-building and selling designs for people to make their own in the future, stores for social spaces, knowledge workers creating content. For me, whilst the company has made huge graffs and has poor company PR, they have stayed focused on the critical core. The awesome story lived through little plastic units. Considering this is largely a Victorian past time of tin soldiers it is incredible that we still paint our own.

    BTW an awesome channel. Have been out of the hobby for approx 10 years and the youtube / online content support has been rich and especially useful. You take care in your work and it shows.

  32. Done buying gw product

    Might buy second hand tho…but looking into battletech atm

  33. Of course they have a monoply on warhammer, it's their IP.
    Just play something else, or even better, start your own game.
    Buy a 3D printer and make your own stuff.

  34. I have to admit I don't really understand GW fans. I played 40k and some other games like Necromunda and Gorkomorka in the 90s as a teenager. I rediscovered the wargaming/mini painting hobby much later in my thirties. I started with GW but was very quickly won over by the competitors. I simply do not understand why GW continues to command such market dominance. Other companies offer so much more.

  35. i advocate mega proxying from other companies like kow allows to have non mantic miniatures in bases and there is no issue there shouldnt be for wh both 40k and sigmar

  36. For those who are disappointed in GW’s recent behavior, I would merely point out the parable of the scorpion and the frog. GW is just being itself. It cannot help but sting. It is GW. The sooner you accept this fact, the sooner you can move on. They are not worth your emotional investment.

  37. To me the biggest punch in the dick is giving 40k IP to shitty mobile games and cash grab shit storms… your going to say you care about your IP and then just wipe your ass with it?

  38. I had two sets of 5 Man Cadian box set. I finished painting those two and wanted to get another two to complete my conscript unit. Find to see that they are taken down…

  39. I cared a lot until realizing that it seems like a lot of what's going on is fear mongering and misinformation, granted I still support folks boycotting I just don't really care anymore myself

  40. I really feel like Warhammer+ is gonna be like when Space Marine came out. A lot of hope for something that would catapult the brand into mainstream but ultimately flopped because of outdated and sloppy game mechanics.

    So my prediction for warhammer+ is less like Netflix or more like GW’s private YouTube.

    In my opinion they shouldn’t try and fight the tide of 3D printing, they should equip their shops with high quality printers, and offer “print to shop” options from online sales. I know I’d use that all the time, why would I go to a 3rd party if I could just get the official stuff? Lol but hey I’m just a normal guy that has read some fancy books….

  41. I actually got DMCA'd on tabletop simulator for having templates made for lore companies for Blood Angels, Imperial Fists, and Ultramarines lol

  42. Any recommendations for rulesets/ games where already purchased warhammer 40k models can be used? Dont have the money to buy into a new sytem.

  43. Would there be a compromise for the IP issue where people/creators can license in a scaled way the use of GW IP in videos/TTS, etc? I am not a fan of the GW attitude and practices lately, but I can see how a company that creates a very valuable IP wanting to protect it – a la Disney & Star Wars. If it was licensed, then creators could continue without risk, and GW should be satisfied. Use it as a quality control gate even? Flipping it around, you have 100s of people who are not GW financially benefiting from GW IP on monetized platforms like YT. GW definitely need to show something other than apathy towards its customer base. Inevitably, online feedback won't do anything to change the state of things; the GW share price and investor happiness is all a CEO cares about.

  44. Blizzard>GW Never thought id say that

  45. I think lots of people does not understand what a monopoly means, they Own the effing thing, that's their product, they can do everything they want with it while others can't – mismanagement yes, monopoly no.

  46. I won't be buying any future GW products. The rot setted in when they killed Warhammer fantasy battle……

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