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Going Bankrupt in Monopoly? | What Happens when a Player goes Bankrupt?

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  1. When the bank auction the property out. It is one by one property not 1 auction for 3 properties? Thank you <3

  2. If i go bankrupt and i have to pay somone say like 100 and i have no cash but my proprties are not mortgage but the value of them is 90 do i have to mortgage them and give him 90 + all my mortgage proprties or i just give him all my proprties without mortgage them

    Plz answe and thx

  3. So what happens if the new owner of the mortgage declines the property’s that are given to them? Does the bank get the property without the new owner paying anything

  4. If we I owe another player, do I mortgage my properties, pay the player and then give all that i have or, should i give the money and unmortgage properties to the player?

  5. What if the player that caused the bankrupsy dont even have 10% to keep them mortgage. Does all of the cards goes to auction. That is the only logical outcome that is possible i guess?

  6. Let's say there are three players
    Player A knows he will be bankrupt in a round or two.
    Since he favours player B he gives away all his property to player B at 100$.

    Now player A finally lands in Broadwalk hotel of player C and ows hum 2k $. Since he has no property left and only 100$, he is bankrupt.

    What about player C? He gets only 100$? Isn't that unfair?

  7. Simon otim ( billionaire underground says:

    Can i be able to withdrew the money

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