Gradual Burning Regret - Monopoly ft. Matt Mercer -

Gradual Burning Regret – Monopoly ft. Matt Mercer

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Arin forces Matt Mercer to partake in Capitalism.

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Game Grumps are:
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  1. Matt Mercer is a goddamn legend. So happy y'all are playing together <3

  2. Hahaha I loved this. This was the first episode of game grumps I've seen and was directed here after watching 2ep of C.R. in a row. Subscribed.

  3. I had anti monopoly when I was a kid. Honestly, it sucks as a game.

  4. Matt sure has a lot to say about capitalism and unethical brutal corporations! Anyway…

    goes to watch The Legend of Vox Machina on Amazon Prime

  5. i wonder if arin knows that matt is the va for a danganronpa character lmao

  6. Is this the guy that they watched a building burn down together?

  7. Arin: "Monopoly is skill-based!"
    Game designers: make AI harder by giving them better rolls

  8. If you told me that Arin did both of the voices in this, I would beleive you. They sound soo much alike.

  9. I love that Matts voice for Fabricio sounds like Puss in boots

  10. It's adorable how Matt is so passionate about hating capitalism even though it's the only type of economy today that works better than every other nation on the face of the planet, and socialism or communism would actually destroy the US so profoundly that Matt would then be passionate about Monopoly. x'D

  11. Ive officially teetered into buzzed enough so that both of their arguments have both just become comforting white noise

  12. Matt Mercer on Game Grumps is everything I hoped it would be.

  13. I fucking choked on my drink when Arin happily announced he chose the Gold bear piece seconds after Matt had just gone on a tangent about how much he despised monopoly

  14. 23:50 is the most Dan sounding line I’ve heard from Matt Mercer

  15. I never even realized the girl on the cover of The Secret of the Grande Cheateau is straight up Allie. Like 1000000000%.

  16. Arin saying "Las A Fair" had me fucked up for five minutes

  17. Hey, it's the Narrator from IN SPACE WITH MARKIPLIER

  18. "So you like monopoly?"
    "I despise it with every fiber of my being"

  19. A half hour of hearing some nerd saying "cApiTalIsM BaD" is plenty for me. I wish Aaron reeled this in. I got it the first 100 times. You don't like capitalism.

  20. Arin needs to be a guest on Critical Role

  21. I love this so much, but now that Matt has been on, I wonder how bad it would be if they did a Guest Grumps with Sam Riegel. Total chaos…

  22. I looked up Matt Mercer because I thought I’d heard his name before. Turns out I’ve seen almost everything he was in..

  23. his description of a Starbucks parking lot is literally the layout of the street in front of my school.

  24. ''In an October 2018 interview, Mercer revealed that he suffers from body dysmorphic disorder and, according to him, has always struggled with his physical appearance.''

    But, he looks normal

  25. 4:18
    “Arin, want me to get gamer goo?”
    Arin: “Do we have gamer goo?”
    Matt: “What is gamer goo?”
    Arin: “DUDE”
    Matt, more excited: “What is gamer goo? :o”

  26. Still waiting for Fabricio the evil Baron to be a major antagonist in Critical Role

  27. Wonder if anti-monopoly is in table top simulator

  28. Now we just need Game Grumps on Critical Role

  29. Matt Mercer being an anti-capitalist icon is something I didn’t think I needed in my life 😂😂

  30. Why did I expect to see Flando with timestamps in the comments

  31. I didn’t know till now that gamer goo exists.

  32. Wow 1st day Dan is gone your out sneaking around…

  33. The constant charisma check of Matt getting Arin to play for him while he just shit talks the capitalist hellscape we’re all in. Sigh. Dreamy


    I’m not gonna say it.

  35. man Dan's impression of Matt is spot on

  36. Matt sounds like a conglomeration of both Dan and Ross with a hint of Oney

  37. May Matt please just replace Dan Grump?

  38. To be fair, Arin is right, there is strategy in Monopoly. However, I so deeply feel Matt’s hate for this game.

  39. Turns out me and Matt Mercer share the same opinions in socioeconomics

  40. Grumps needs a third Grump. Can we keep Matt? "Hey I'm Grump, I'm not so Grump! I'm Matt Mercer! And we're the Game Grumps…Just putting it out there. No need to thank me

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