Gradual Burning Regret - Monopoly ft. Matt Mercer -

Gradual Burning Regret – Monopoly ft. Matt Mercer

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Arin forces Matt Mercer to partake in Capitalism.

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Game Grumps are:
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  1. Nobody gonna talk about how Arin kinda looks like Matthew Mercer?

  2. Oh wow look they're playing monopoly….. again….

  3. Fabricio and Felipe clearly got racially profiled by the crooked cops of Monopoly City.

  4. Bruh, Matt messing up the dice numbers is amazing. xD

  5. Mat brought his friends along on the CR success because he doesnt believe in solo greed…so him playing monopoly is hilariously so wrong for him 🤣

  6. Didn't realize that Enchanter Pumat Sol is the voice he used to kill his enemies 3:10

  7. Im gonna play multiplayer games and use a voice clip of "hey buddy this is what i sound like when i kill you" and play it whenever i get a kill.. hell maybe ill make a big red button that plays that when pressed.. i hate myself for thinking of this lol

  8. Oh sure… the big internet celebrities teaming up to keep the brown men from getting ahead!

  9. I hate monopoly if only because towards the end of the game it's usually pretty clear who's going to win and even if I'm winning I feel bad……. Unless the other players are being dicks then I don't feel so bad about them landing on my Park Place with a hotel on it.

  10. I really want Matt to dm a game for the grumps and friends.

  11. Ok, now all we need is for Arin to guest star in a critical role episode, and the tying of the knot between their essences will be complete, and they will definitely immediately engage in conversation at the next party they see each other at.


  13. Comrade Matthew Mercer is something I never knew I needed.

  14. I love the anti-Capitalism rhetoric through all of this it's awesome and hilarious. Serious topics made fun.

  15. Gamer Goo is the same as liquid chalk that climbers use, its just rubbing alcohol and chalk, but it's sented

  16. You gotta love the guy who's company makes millions of dollars a year complains about the system that made him filthy rich…

  17. Almost every word Mercer says in this video actually translates to: "Look at how leftist I am". So cringy… Not because he is leftist, which is great he is, but because of how he tries so hard to show himself as such.

  18. if you want to feel regret in monopoly, just play chilled chaos

  19. It would be amazing to see Arin and Dan show up as guests for Critical Role. Just have them be a chaotic duo.

  20. 1:27 "you just had to ask??" lol, like Matt's so chill. Here he is, I think this episode came out the same day, or just a day away from Vox Machina, a spectacular show with a huge fan base he helped create, and he's just also so cool. What a guy!

  21. Arin: Let's not go that far

    Also Arin: You are sucking me dry here!!

  22. It makes me so sad to learn that Matt hates one of my most favorite games to play😭

  23. Nooo he doesn't like Las Vagas too ☹

  24. The only teamwork to this game is to convince a third sibling into helping you gang up on the second sibling that may or may not be smarter than all of you put together, only to watch the youngest end up sneaking the win in because the three of you went scorched earth on each other after a nasty betrayal.

  25. how does matt sound like arin AND dan AND ross all at the same time??? every time i hear him my brain goes ?????????

  26. im glad matt mercer is an ally, hes one of my favorite white bois

  27. Love the sheer horror in Matt's "What is Gamer Goo?"

  28. this feels just as weird as having like obama on the show holy shit

  29. Matt Mercer and Arin Handsome should play Street Fighter, or rather Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike. #37

  30. Please please please now do the other way, and have Game Grumps play on Critical Role!!!

  31. Matt sharing some goo with a gamer and making Fabrizio hard, oh god this fanfic writes itself

  32. Matt: [Gives an in-depth explanation as to why he hates Monopoly and the degree to which he hates it]

    Arin: "But it's super dope tho!"

    Me: "I mean, it is pretty dope."

  33. I like how Allie is slowly becoming the third grump lol. She even has her own mike now sort of

  34. You may know Matt from Critical Role, or literally any video game or animation made in the past 20 years.

  35. My cousin William is like the god of Monopoly, because not only does he never lose, but he always wins by WIDE margins. I've played with him once, and that was one time too many. I decided that I was NEVER playing with him again. He had twice as much money and double the properties as I did, and I knew then and there that I was gonna lose. So I lost with grace. I just gave him all my shit and backed out, so that we could get on to the next game.

  36. oh,… Matt Mercer…. you Wholesome Son of a B….. lol

  37. problems before April? I thought liberals loved paying taxes.

  38. Game Grumps giving us all the socialist Matt content of our dreams

  39. Arin Hanson plays with a way happier and outgoing Levi Ackerman. Perfect.

  40. Matthew "Fruits of your labor belong to the State" Mercer sure is saying a lot about how there's no skill involved in Monopoly, when he makes part of his living playing DM for a game who's every outcome at every step is dictated by completely random dice rolls. Lmao

  41. So I notice a theme of people thinking money is a stagnant sum that just moves around. It's not just some piece of the pie you have to fight for. It's not a non renewable resource that runs out. It's a constantly growing and ever increasing commodity. It's more like human population then something oil. Also capitalism is far better then socialism for one simple reason. Socialism takes from people where capitalism gives to people.

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