How to Create a Monopoly Game in Odoo using ChatGPT -

How to Create a Monopoly Game in Odoo using ChatGPT

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In the video, I demonstrate how the powerful language model ChatGPT can be used to create the necessary code and models for a Monopoly game within the open-source ERP software Odoo. The video showcases the ability of ChatGPT to understand and respond to prompts for creating specific models and functions, such as properties and turns, within the Odoo framework.

The integration of ChatGPT’s generated code into Odoo allows for a streamlined development process and the ability to quickly create a fully-functional Monopoly game within the software. The video also highlights the efficiency of using ChatGPT for game design and writing code, as it is able to understand and execute complex programming tasks with minimal human input. Overall, the video demonstrates the potential of ChatGPT as a tool for software development, and provides a glimpse into the future of using AI for writing code and automating software development tasks.

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  1. What is Oodo, and what benefits do you gain from using Oodo for this project? Where do I go to learn more about it?

  2. WOW… I code for Odoo… this is impressive

  3. Please explain to us how to extract phone numbers from Google Map (chat gpt)

  4. "Real difficulties can be overcome; it is only the imaginary ones that are unconquerable." -Theodore N. Vail

  5. i am not sure this thing is not gonna put us out of work

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