How To Date and Sell A Vintage Monopoly Board Game on eBay or Etsy -

How To Date and Sell A Vintage Monopoly Board Game on eBay or Etsy

Walter Blake Knoblock
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Hi- this vintage monopoly game was made in 1961- its going for $10-$15 online but you can make $20-$30 by selling the parts individually. I will be selling it as a set- normally I don’t buy something like this that will only make me around 10 bucks but I thought it would be a useful video for all my garage sale friends who run into this stuff all the time!

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  1. I have a monopoly game that I've had for a Long time now. Found in a clean out I done Yrs ago. It's still in plastic. I tried looking it up,but can't find it. I found some Close to this one,just not the same. Without opening it,how can I find out how old it might be?!?! Any info is very appreciated

  2. 5,6,7 usd for the money, so how much real money does each note from the game worth

  3. i got that same 1961 edition at goodwill for $5 last weekend!

  4. The Monopoly Game is from the early 1960’s, I believe. It is pre-1974 because of there being no barcode. I got mine for free at at thrift store!!! Score!!!

  5. I found a Piccadilly card in an old couch at work just wondering if there’s any chance I can work out what edition it’s from just from a single card?

  6. Really interested in the plush, maybe a seperate video on what kinds of plush to keep an eye out for? Brands or characters that are worth $$$! Thanks so much man!

  7. very useful. I see a lot of Monopoly but can't figure out what is vintage.

  8. Thats the kinda 'Good to Know" stuff I love . Thanks.

  9. can u tell tell me where you can sell the game pieces thanks for the info

  10. Two things I've gotten that appreciate well are magic the gathering booster boxes and Lego sets. Mtg boxes used to go for like 150 and I've sold them a couple years later for over 200. I'm way it of the loop on that but a couple years ago i found a box id bought and made a good gain on it

    As for Lego, a lot of the sets, especially bigger licensed ones, can jump in value one they go out of stock later. Not sure how quick they move but you can always price down a bit to help that

  11. Hello form Battle Creek MI. I'm 6 weeks into reselling and this is the kind of information that will help me make $. Thanks so much for your videos and keep them coming!

  12. How would u ship a board game? What kind of price are we looking at in shipping?

  13. I bought a monopoly game no writing on the board as far as dates but it does have the thimble.

  14. Nice video. But I guess the only way to get the actual date it is from would be to have the receipt. Otherwise, you are getting the copyright dates. I would guess they had different pieces in this time, so if you know the board is original, you could narrow it down better with the pieces included. Otherwise, it's a big spread between changes…..1935, 1946 and 1981….I'm certain that there are many more variations than just those 3 dates. Thimble is gone, Iron I think….used to be fun playing this. I have the same one, and it was purchased in the late 60s. I was walking down the street and saw a pile of old games someone had put out for the garbage, with a much older Monopoly game, along with a lot of other neat stuff, but by the time I got back with the car, it was gone. Thanks for posting!!!

  15. 15.00 for the origional box is pretty good, but nothing inside box is origional. All origional game from that era would be 300 to 500.00 depending on condition. #1 red flag, hotels and houses should be made of wood.

  16. As copyrights ran, I think, for 28 years back then, that means anything made between 1962 (or whatever that was in the video) and 27 years later would all say (c) 1962, wouldn't they? You mentioned in a previous comment that there had been wording changes that would indicate that this one was manufactured during the copyright year. What made you think so? How did you come about this information? Is there someplace that keeps track of all the changes in the Monopoly game (as well as other games)? Thanks.

  17. My board says parker put it also says 1995 on de bottom

  18. I have a new unopened 2005 Classic Game of Easy Money. What can I sell it for? It's still in plastic wrapping. Helen McGee Dallas Tx

  19. Mine has the lathed wooden pieces instead of metal. I think it's from the 40s. I was playing it as a kid in the 60s.

  20. The board dates don't actually indicate the release date. These dates have to do with changes on the board. For example, if the next significant change took place in 1971, this could also be a 1970 release. The board stays intact until the next change. There's a code (usually on the sides of the cover, close to the corners) that's more significant and can help dating different releases

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