How to Draw Monopoly Board : Make Monopoly Game at Home : Monopoly Game -

How to Draw Monopoly Board : Make Monopoly Game at Home : Monopoly Game

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Draw homemade Monopoly board with playing token, Cards Money & dice with no cost at all.
Learn step by step how to draw and color Monopoly game with playing tokens and dice.

Friend’s download a dice app for IOS & Android.
And turns your phone into a dice.
For IOS: Dice by Benoit Layer.

For Android: Dice by Teazel Ltd Entertainment

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  1. Can we put any properties names of our choice

  2. Can you please tell us to draw cash flow board game???

  3. Help i can't find title deed cards online to print

  4. looks easy!!! will try this soon. thank you for this awesome video <3

  5. Did anyone notice that he wrote right Park Place

  6. thank you 🥰🥰🥰💌💌😷😷👋

  7. I suggest making a cardboard dice : / by getting a cube template and cutting it and fold them : /

  8. What to write in Community Chest and Chance?

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  10. lmao I keep getting 10 rectangles instead of 9 pls help

  11. I would really love to say thx Dude
    I will try this sometime….😉

  12. Thank you very much. Iam from Sri Lanka. Here we can't buy those game very early. Maybe available in Colombo. I want to introduce this game to village children. So I was thinking how I can do it. So you made it easy for me. Thank you.. thank you so much.

  13. What about chance and community chest cards

  14. I love to play this game.
    When i saw this vedio, i easily understood the way to make it😃😃

  15. Can you make how to make clue game board.

  16. thank you for the video i think 20 inch is too big 🙂 but if i am wrong don't blame me for it i did not play monopoly 3 years now

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