HOW TO EXPLOIT MONOPOLY GO ROLLS - 2 Device Method (Don't waste money on this game, srsly...) 🤦‍♂️ -

HOW TO EXPLOIT MONOPOLY GO ROLLS – 2 Device Method (Don’t waste money on this game, srsly…) 🤦‍♂️

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Given that Scopely doesn’t want to fix the non-existing randomness that the game SHOULD have, here’s a method to exploit the deterministic dice rolls for your account.

Monopoly GO! Exploit (2-device method):
• Open Monopoly GO! on one device and clear the ads(let’s call this Device A).
• Open Monopoly GO! on another device and clear the ads (let’s call this Device B).

Device A (Online-offline cycles)
• Turn off internet connection (WiFi and Cellular Data).
• Roll your dice and take notes of each roll you get. Tag the rolls that land on a tile with potential for a multiplier (Bank Heist, Shutdown, Jail Double, Community Chest, Chance & Tournament/Event Tiles. This will depend on which events are running at the time).
• Keep rolling until it prompts a message saying «No Online Connection« (whatever you do with no internet connection won’t be official). How many rolls you will get before the message appears will vary, I’m guessing it’s based on time, probably 30secs.

If done correctly, your token on device B should still be in the same board position before you rolled your dice on device A.

Device B (Main device)
• Roll again adjusting the multiplier to each roll you want.
• Keep this device open.

Device A (Online-offline cycles)
• Close Monopoly GO!
• Turn on internet connection.
• Open Monopoly GO! on one device and clear the ads.

Now you just repeat this process.

Example: let’s say you get to roll your dice 5 times before it prompts the ‘No Connection’ message. These are the rolls you got on device A.
– Roll 1: 8 – Shield
– Roll 2: 2 – Landmark w/ Rent
– Roll 3: 4 – Free Parking
– Roll 4: 5 – Railroad (Shutdown)
– Roll 5: 10 – Railroad (Bank Heist)

Personally, I use my PC numpad to take note of the dice and just use a simple notation like 8 2 4 5* 10* (* means multiplier)

Let’s say that the current leaderboard event at the time uses Railroad tiles to rank up. You would use your multiplier on roll 4 & 5 on device B to get the max points possible for that while saving your dice on the other rolls instead of having your multiplier be maxed for every single one.

In sum, if you think your dice rolls are random, they’re not and this method proves it. I think it’s unfair that people are wasting money on something that is already predetermined for your account. Like & share this, pin this post and make the developers fix it before giving them money.


  1. Andddd this is why we cant have anything fun anymore

  2. This is patched btw. The dice algorithm is now completely random. No longer is it a string of exact dice rolls.

  3. Awww guess what, they fixed the bug today 6/9/23 I tried it a few times and they updated it. Doesn't work anymore. That's it pancit!

  4. On level 13000. But this trick is patched. Time to delete this game

  5. It’s patched. It was working as early as 3am uk time this morning but had stopped by 9 when the card trades reset. it’s completely random now (which it should have been from the beginning) but it’s virtually unplayable. People are still racking up massive amounts of points in short periods of time, even when I was using the exploit, those numbers were impossible to achieve so I don’t know what kind of work around they have. I’m glad I stacked 4k dice up but unless you’re prepared to spend money, this game is now unplayable 😢

  6. Is this still working with the new update that just came out today? For me it used to work but now the rolls are different

  7. @lyz4rd hey bro i was using the same methode but after the update it doesnt work

    can you verify pls ?

  8. tysm for this nobody was telling me how to do this on discord lol

  9. It was fun while it lasted. If there is a new work around I will resume playing

  10. The game updated and this doesn’t work anymore

  11. i get different rolls on my computer then what i get on my phone lol

  12. Aww. Got level 14737 and 121k dice. Im gonna delete this game , this game is rigged at the first place . There is no sense for spending money for this rigged game

  13. Monopoly go had an update today. If you updated on your devices. It doesn’t work anymore. If you don’t update it dose still work.

  14. hi just to check if the issue has been patched because my rolls now are random

  15. Glitch was patched. I wish there was another way.

  16. Seems like they patched it. That sucks. I got a lot of rolls from doing this over the last week

  17. Im still using this hack, you still can if you still have version 1.3, btw about bank heist i get it now, no matter what result u got will will get same result on another device, it already be chosen for you no matter what, it rigged

  18. Its patched as of a few days ago cause it didnt work for me

  19. Looks like they've patched this on Bluestacks. Some people are still able to do it on tablet but unfortunately I don't have one!

  20. Not working anymore. Many thanks for your help.

  21. Maybe with the old apk we can still do the trick? Have someone tested?

  22. You help them by showing the exploit strategy. But look at them now, they don't like your video since it doesn't work anymore.

  23. Rip
    There was a work around for the past couple of days where you could download the old version but now it forces you to download the new update.

    100% patched as of 12/06/23 unless something else comes out

  24. Not working anymore on the new version forcing you to update

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