How To Play Don't Go To Jail Monopoly Dice Game -

How To Play Don’t Go To Jail Monopoly Dice Game

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How To Play Don’t Go To Jail Monopoly Dice Game.

This was later rereleased as Monopoly Express with additions, such as houses, hotels, and get out of jail free. #boardgame #ads
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  1. Just a minor point: The instructions say that "if you elect to end your turn before you've formed even one match, you will get the sum total of the dice on one property as your score for that turn." It doesn't say that you can take the points for uncompleted matches if you've made other successful matches already. I'm sure it's not a big deal and you can choose to play however you'd like.

  2. The rules are the same as Monopoly Express, except for these changes. Click here for a refresher.

  3. Check out fury of dracula vid yet ? table top has a good one so does sit down and shut up

  4. Surprised you didnt give your thoughts about the game at the end.

  5. thank you so much, I was just given this game with no guide and I was wondering how is it played.

    appreciateded, very helpful.

    but may I ask .. what is the usually used or recommended points to be set for winning the game?

  6. That yellow dice cup looks suspiciously like a re-purposed Play-Doh canister. haha

  7. Do you keep rolling the blank dice(wild) every roll?!

  8. My classmates and I back in the 5th grade would play this game all the time.

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