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How to play Monopoly

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Learn the rules to the board game Monopoly quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. Check out other Monopoly versions here:

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The object of the game is to be the last player standing.

Lay out the board and each player picks a token and places it on Go. Give each player $1,500 divided as follows: 2 $500s, $100s, and $50s, 6 $20s, and 5 $10s, $5s, and $1s. All the remaining money stays with the game and is called the bank.

One person is the banker and manages the money of the bank, which must stay separate from their player money. Place the property cards, houses, and hotels with the bank.

Each player rolls the dice and the player with the highest total goes first, then play proceeds clockwise.

On your turn, roll both dice and move your token exactly that many spaces clockwise around the board. If you land on an unowned property you may buy it from the bank for the listed price. You receive the property card and place it face up in front of you. If you do not wish to buy it, then the bank sells it at auction to the highest bidder.

If you land on a property that another player owns, pay them rent according to the price on their property card. If they own all the properties of the same color, then you must pay them double rent on unimproved properties. An unimproved property is a spot that doesn’t have any houses or a hotel on it.

If the player does have houses or a hotel, you must pay them the corresponding price. The property owner may not collect rent if he fails to ask for it before the next player rolls the dice. If you do not have enough money to pay another player or the bank, you must sell off your hotels, houses, and mortgage property until you can pay the creditor. To mortgage a property you own, flip it face down and collect the mortgage price from the bank. If a player lands on a mortgaged property, they do not pay any rent and they are not allowed to buy the mortgaged property. To unmortgage a property you must pay the bank the mortgage price plus 10%. Unimproved properties in a monopoly still receive the double rent bonus even if some of the properties are mortgaged.

If you sell and mortgage everything and still don’t have enough money to pay, you are bankrupt and are out of the game. You give all that you have to the creditor. Mortgaged properties remained mortgaged. A player may never give or lend money or properties to another player.

As you travel around the board several things can happen. If you land on chance or community chest, you draw 1 card from its respected draw pile and follow the instructions on the card. If you land on a tax space, you pay the bank the proper amount. If you land on free parking, nothing happens. When you land on or pass GO you collect 200 dollars from the bank. If you land on Go to jail, you go immediately go to jail and do not pass GO and do not collect 200 dollars. If you land on the jail space, you aren’t in jail, but are visiting.

If you roll doubles, you get to roll and move again. Unless this is the 3rd time you’ve rolled doubles in a single turn, then, you go straight to jail.

If you’re in jail, you still are allowed to buy and sell houses, trade with players and collect rent. However, at the start of your turn you may pay $50 to be released from jail. If you do this, pay, then roll the dice and continue your turn as normal. Or, if you choose not to pay, you still roll dice, if you roll doubles you are released from jail and move that many spaces, then your turn ends, you do not get to roll again. IF you fail to roll doubles by your 3rd turn in jail, you must pay the $50 and move the number of spaces you did roll.

During the game you may only trade with other players: cash, “get out of jail free cards”, and properties that do not have any houses or hotels on them. You may not sell buildings to players. You may not trade “free rent” or loan players money. You may not gift players money.

When you own all the properties of the same color you have a monopoly. You are now allowed to build houses and hotels on those properties. The price per house is listed on each property. You must build and sell houses evenly across all properties in a monopoly, you are not allowed to build up or break down just one property. If the bank runs out of houses for you to buy, you must wait until another player sells houses before you can buy houses; or you must buy straight up to hotels. When you sell houses back to the bank, they give you half the value you purchased them for. You may buy and sell houses during your turn or in between other players’ turns…


  1. I always loose in monopoly but I love the game! 😔♤♡◇♧

  2. When you played it for so long but you're playing it wrong

  3. Ok finally the proper rules. Unfortunately even though these rules are necessary to make the game even remotely fun, barely anyone knows these and barely anyone can remember these even if they’d heard them before.

  4. So im order to buy property i have to pay what it says on the property or card? And when can i buy house?

  5. Final trade variation:After the last property is purchased, everyone will sell their buildings to the bank for 70% of their price.Then,everyone has 3 minutes to trade with other players. Trade happens simoutainesly. Once 3 minutes ran out,players sell their properties to the bank. Then count up the money and the player with the most wins.

  6. The Income Tax was reduced to $200 In 1936, the year after Monopoly was originally released in 1935. In 2008, the 10% option was removed from Income Tax, as well as the increase of Luxury Tax (known as Super Tax in some editions) from $75 to $100.

  7. 5:00 as @mallusaih as already pointed out, this is wrong. 4 houses must be present on all properties in a color-set in order to buy hotels. While you can go from no improvements to full Hotels if the bank has 12+ houses left (Or 8+ houses for the Browns & Blues), if this isn't the case, it isn't not allowed.Remember, the title deed for a street says hotels cost [50/100/150/200] PLUS 4 HOUSES.

  8. For example, I own three streets, but I have them laid down. And at my next turn, I land on the pledge cell. My streets are all laid up and there is no money. Question: Is it possible to give the bank a mortgaged street without the right to buy it?

  9. Why not play with more than 32 houses and 12 hotels, sell buildings to players trade free rent, loan, or gift players' money? The teacher kept asking that.

  10. For example: If on all 3 of your turns you roll two 2s while on GO, you're on the Oriential Avenue, you buy it, and then go to jail. You get 3 chances of rolling your 4th double in a row on your turns to get out of jail.

  11. I just played monopoly and it took us 7hrs to finish but I won I was starting to lose track of everything

  12. Can I mortgage my property Eventhough i still have houses in other property?

  13. I use to play Monopoly alot with my sister When we played we would each get5. $11. $52. $101. $201. $504. $1002. $500So there must be more than 1 way to play this game

  14. Never gonna you give up and desert you never gonna make cry

  15. You go to jail for rolling doubles 3 times in a row because the police think you are cheating.

  16. How long did it take you to get the footage of rolling 3 doubles in a row?

  17. When my family would play Monopoly we would also put 50 dollars in the middle of the board along with the money and if you landed on free parking you get all the money in the middle of the board. Also we had to go around the board once before we could buy properties

  18. Why does this guy look like linus tech tips combined with aaron paul and a bit of starvation😭

  19. 5:00 4 houses need to be physically present to purchase hotels. you cant straight up build hotels if there are no houses.sources: The professional player on vox's monopoly video, and the official monopoly video game

  20. What if everybody bought cards of a different color and nobody owns a monopoly to improve? Is it allowed to exchange the properties?

  21. I thought you win the game when you have the most money at the end of the game.

  22. What are the rules for when the fight starts?

  23. I Wish The Trash Can Token Was Back In Da New Version

  24. Can you do how to play monopoly mario kart?

  25. Reply to this comment if you went to jail because you rolled 3 doubles..

  26. That’s like the worst board version on monopoly I’ve seen

  27. A rule I found online:If you land exactly on GO, either collect 400 money or immediately go to any space you want (except for GO)

  28. Can you make a video about how to play Monopoly u-build?

  29. Do you have to land on a space to build a house there?

  30. I’ve got 8 different monopoly version. On game night, we only play ‘box rules’. Since each version has it own set of ‘box rules’ there are little ‘written’ differences in each version.Our goal is ‘no house rules’ like money in free parking. But even so, there are some Little differences that make a huge deal.Standard AmericaTampa versionSiring bill versionNflLas Vegas Star WarsGame of thrones Ac/dcQuestion, when deals are being made between players, can a deal be offered in which 1 player offers another ‘free rent for life’?We can’t find anything ‘written’, but can’t say ‘deals’ are house rules.So what is allowed?

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