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How to Play Monopoly

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Learn how to dominate at Monopoly, a game in which each player attempts to become the wealthiest by buying, renting, and selling property.

Step 1: Set up the board
Place the Monopoly board on a table, with the game cards face-down in their allotted spaces.

Step 2: Choose a banker
Select one player to be the banker. The banker will handle any play money not owned by the players and will initially distribute $1,500 in play money to each player.

Step 3: Choose the first player
Roll the dice and compare your score with those of the other players. The player with the highest roll goes first.

Play proceeds in a clockwise direction.

Step 4: Roll the dice
Place your marker in the corner of the board marked “Go.” When it is your turn, roll the dice and move your marker the corresponding number of board spaces.

Step 5: Evaluate your roll
Respond to your dice roll. Depending on where you land, you may be able to purchase property or build houses or hotels that will generate income for you.

If you land on someone else’s property you will have to pay rent to them. Other possibilities include having to pay taxes or going to “Jail.” You may also have the option of taking a Chance or Community Chest card.

Step 6: Continue playing
Continue playing, responding to the game’s cues, until you run out of money or until the game is called because of time. The individual with the most money at the end of the game wins.

Did You Know?
Although usually associated with the Great Depression, Monopoly was actually based on another game that was patented in 1904.


  1. Do you get money from this game gust a trick.

  2. i think the banker has to give out each player 2 500s, 2 100s, 2 50s, 6 20, 5 10s, 5 5s and 5 1s at the start of the game

  3. One more thing
    I don't have friends😟to play

  4. I lived for 24 in this world and i still dint know how to play this

  5. How we play
    1. Hand out the 💰
    2. Go around the board once before buying property.
    3. Always put free parking money in the middle.
    4. Never bid or anything.

  6. 😃👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  7. You could just play on the floor……..

  8. The best way to earn lots of money is that when you have invested most of the cards then go to jail. When in jail, you don't have to pass through your opponent's territory to pay while they have to pay our territories when they pass ours.

  9. I have the original version of Monopoly so beat it.

  10. wtf i alredy know monopoly why am i watching this

  11. Stop doing videos this quick you missed almost all the rules and how to play

  12. I still don't get one thing, How does rent for color set work?

  13. Thanks for the instructions any way now I know how to play it

  14. There is a missing rule. If you roll doubles during jail, you get out. You DO NOT get to roll again. But if you FAIL to roll doubles on your third turn, you must pay $50 to get out of jail.

  15. Imagine Monopoly With Teal Money


  16. Kittenrabbitpuppydog Cowfunnyvideostry says:

    just read the instructions guys…

  17. HOW TO PLAY!
    1. Choose one player to be Banker. The Banker is in charge of the Bank, Title Deed Cards, Houses and Hotels, and auctions.
    2. Choose your token, and place it on GO.
    3. Roll two dice. The highest roller starts. Play continues clockwise.
    4. On your turn, roll two dice and move that number of squares clockwise around the board. Two or more playing pieces can stop on the same space. Do one of the following, depending on the space you land on:
    • Buy the unowned property
    • Get the Banker to auction it
    • Pay rent to the player who owns it
    • Pay taxes
    • Roll for a Chance or Community Chest task
    • Go to jail
    5. Whenever you land on or pass GO, collect $200.
    6. Keep playing until only one player is left in the game. This player is the winner!

    Hope that helps <3

  18. Can you make a how to play monopoly ultimate banking

  19. Ah, the purple Baltic/Mediterranean, the red “GO”, and the $ symbol, not that ugly M.

  20. Thank you 😊 but please tell how to divide money…🤔

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  22. I just needed to learn about the houses and the hotels

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