How to Play Monopoly -

How to Play Monopoly

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Learn how to play and win the popular board game Monopoly! Learn more:

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Monopoly Board Game:

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  1. Tried to ▶️ explain the rules to mom but 😡 told me to put it up got into a argument i was explaining to its hard to explain it to her that why i play it on 🖥️

  2. Thank you so much because i was to buy the board game so my children dont play too much electronics.❤

  3. Wow start with the GO square 😮😮😮😅

  4. А какое максимальное колличество ходов можно сидеть в тюрьме? Если я к примеру не хочу оплачивать 50М и на кубиках не выпадают дубли

  5. At 3:06, there are three flaws on the map. Pink, Brown and Yellow colours of lands were building uneven no. of buildings. there is a rule to build houses in even no. of houses on each lands. That means if you want to build second house, you have to build one house on each land. I believe on reverse situation (selling houses back to the Bank). This rule is still apply. Tell me what you think of.

  6. wow I never thought a monopoly game with 3 players would take 2 hours to finish

  7. The price is wrong 4 hundreds 1 fifty 1 twenty 2 tens and 1 five. The only ones you got right were the 2 five hundreds and the 5 ones. How do you mess up so badly

  8. So what is the purpose of building houses or hotels?

  9. 1:26 This graphic is a little flawed because it suggests the person who declined to buy the property can’t participate in the auction, in fact everyone can participate in the auction, including the person who initially declined the property

  10. Such a good understandable explanation

  11. wait… the go thingy? do you have to pay 200 dollars and give it to the other player?

  12. Thank you sooooooooooooo much This is literally the best explanation of monopoly to new players

  13. "in the future of monoply there will be a $1000 bill"

  14. Do you collect the mortgage every turn or just once? He didn't say…

  15. Thanks now I can stop my unintelligent sisters from being stupid by doing the wrong rules

  16. The person who turned down purchasing the property at the listed price can still participate in the auction.

  17. Never heard of those 'auction' rules. Are they new ? Or American only ? What happens if no players make a bid for it ?

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