How To Play Monopoly Animal Crossing New Horizons Board Game (Hasbro) -

How To Play Monopoly Animal Crossing New Horizons Board Game (Hasbro)

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How To Play Monopoly Animal Crossing New Horizons Board Game (Hasbro)

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Customized to the world of the Nintendo Switch title, the Animal Crossing Edition Monopoly board game allows two to four players and switches out the traditional gameplay of buying properties and paying rent with collecting bugs, fish, fossils and fruit. It also includes a customized gameboard, character tokens, skill cards, decoration cards, chance charts, Nook Miles cards, Resource chips, Bell coins, a numbered die and a Nook’s Cranny die.

Players can pick up a skill card after one trip around the board and they can keep that ability throughout the game, as well as stop by Nook’s Cranny to purchase decorations using Bells. The decorations are worth Nook Miles and the player with the highest amount of Nook Miles will be named the winner of the game.

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  1. Exceptional explanation of the game! Thank you so much!

  2. Thank you I get this for my birthday and I did not know how to do anything and I am also Italian so the translation was not perfect😊

  3. They should have made a way to make these pieces of easier to organize

  4. That was a helpful explanation, thanks! They really mixed up the traditional rules of Monopoly, but I can see how this could appeal to younger players.

  5. So when trading resources, do they see that you're trading apples and fruits, or apples and fruits worth 2 bells, 3 bells, and 1 bell respectively?

  6. Can someone explain more detailed the skills cards pls? I was wondering If the "+3" For selling resources is like If You sell 3 Apples, You'll recieve +9? Or Just +3? And the skills Card of "-3" when You Buy furniture is -3 For each You Buy, or if You Buy like 2-3 furtnitures is Just -3 global?

  7. Ok the most ridiculous “monopoly” game. It’s not monopoly. It’s completely different, watched this and thanks😀 but I’m still confused as it is not monopoly

  8. A fun part of the game not mentioned is trading. Players can trade bells, resources, and nook mile cards anytime.

  9. I do love how still kept the four corner spaces the same like the GO space Just Visiting space Free Parking space and Go To Jail space

  10. Was I the only one how played this for all of 2020

  11. Another unique application in the vast world of monopoly games. Good review. .I would’ve loved to hear your opinion. I always enjoy those brief recommendations.and insights.🙂

  12. Can you do the how to play for monopoly at home reality

  13. This video deserves so many more likes 😃
    Thank you for the video

  14. When I heard this wasn't traditional Monopoly game, I was curious how it was going to work. Thank you for the overview of the gameplay!

  15. Me and my best friend just got a board, loved this video!!! very helpful for us!!! Hope you have someone to play with, if not me and murphy would love you to join us !!

  16. What do you do when the decorations are fully used up?

  17. The chance cards are in reference to the bank right not another player?

  18. Lovely looking minis but that die… with the (misaligned) stickers… 🤢🤮 Nice to see some tweaks to the monopoly formula but I do wish they would do something more interesting than roll and move and not use the same old art on the corner squares…

  19. Gotta say for a collectible is is both a mediocre game and pooly made. Very disappointing. Would be better off with an ACNH reskin of actual monopoly. Very cute idea though. Just a lotnof lost potential. Especially compared to some of the gamer versions of monopoly

  20. I am going to get one for my birthday wanted to know how to play thanks!

  21. He called a tanuki a "pig". I guess he's correct tho. Tom Nook has a big belly. 🤣

  22. Only things I would have changed was removing GO and literally have NOOKS CRANNY on it with the arrow still and instead of GoTo Jail you must choose a Danger card and they would be anything from get a Cold, 🐝 🦂 or 🕷 bites then you go Home where you must roll certain number to gain medicine to heal your wounds and return to play!

  23. Is the bell ringer skill 3 more for each material ?

  24. this looks really cute and fun, reminds me of the stardew valley board game

  25. This might be the best version of Monopoly! It can be as short as you want, and it is way more straightforward. I have got to buy this.

  26. I don't think they could have made this game more complicated if they tried. What a disappointment

  27. Can you help me by explaining the skill cards?

  28. Thank you SO much, we always have so much trouble reading through rules for games, this helped alot !

  29. When you find out it's not a theme Monopoly it's whole different thing completely I just took the game got my money back . It's not worth it

  30. I want my money back and I was given the game!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Now I see why.

  31. I used to consider myself a fairly intelligent person. BUT then I tried to figure out how to play this game with my daughter….

  32. Thanks so much you help my family out on Christmas 🎄 🙏🏽

  33. Thank you so much I got it for Christmas want wanted to play and did not understand the instructions so thank you!!

  34. Monopoly really needs a branding for the non-traditional monopolies…

  35. What do I do if I don’t have the resource I rolled ? If I make sense

  36. This game is so fun played it with my husband , 12 year old and 62 ur old everyone loved it !

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