How To Play Monopoly Arcade Pac Man Board Game -

How To Play Monopoly Arcade Pac Man Board Game

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How To Play Monopoly Arcade Pac Man Board Game

MONOPOLY GAME WITH PAC-MAN THEME: Did you play the classic Pac-Man arcade game back in the 80s? Relive favorite moments with this Pac-Man themed Monopoly Arcade board game

ARCADE IS BANKING UNIT: In the Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man game players play for points instead of money. Earn points by buying Levels and playing mini games of Pac-Man on the banking and arcade unit

THE GHOST: Players move around the board as Pac-Man, and also move the Ghost token on their turn. The Ghost Die determines how far the Ghost token moves

POWER UP, POWER PELLET AND MAZE SPACES: Players move around the board and can advance to or steal a Level depending on the space they land on. If they pass or land on Go they get to play Pac-Man

FOR PAC-MAN FANS: Players insert their plastic arcade coin into the banking and arcade unit to check scores, pay rent, buy, sell, or steal Levels, play mini games of Pac-Man, and more.

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  1. If the developer had designed the pacman machine in two modes: monopoly mode to play with its monopoly board, and the arcade mode so we can play with the machine alone just like the original arcade… this monopoly pacman would be cool!

  2. I love MonopolyI love PacmanI do not care for this game

  3. Looks cool I like the Ghost mechanic. I don't like the idea of having to mess with that Pac-Man machine constantly.

  4. I like the concept. But I really don't like the mini-arcade. It's cool to have as a gimmick. But it really slows the game down. I'll just use white poker chips to act as the currency of the game (the white dots).
    The wrap around mechanic replacing the standard railroad spaces is neat too. I like that.


  6. Pretty interesting version of monopoly. The Pac-Man machine is unique and it seems fun for anyone who's fans of the game.

  7. Does the mini arcade work with batteries, does the game itself come with a set of AA batteries or do you have to buy your own?

  8. If you Roll the ghost dice ,pac man goes with this too

  9. Seems to me if a ghost lands on you it should send you back to "Go"

  10. Looking at the rulebook pacman actually moves the amount of dots there are in TOTAL of both the black and yellow

  11. Max The Numberblocks And Minions Fan says:

    Oh lada de Duracell

  12. How do you restart the Pac-Man Machine? I played it once and I don’t know how to start the points for each person. Please help

  13. I didn’t know how some stuff worked in the little arcade machine. But after having played a game it became much easier. And now I love this game

  14. When we take only 2pacmans then should we need the ghost dice 👇answer

  15. What will happen when ghost came to the place of the pacman or how to earn points

  16. Is there a way you could reset it in like the middle of the game

  17. Ok so at 0:29 he doesn’t say that you combine the ghost die and the yellow die together when you move Pac-Man. but you move the ghost you only use the ghost die. This is in the rule book

  18. I got this as a birthday present and it is so much fun

  19. I have an answer, i stay in the „power up”, can i go to the „power pellet” ?

  20. It seems like a fun game but I think it would work better if it was a digital game on a console

  21. May I ask if How can we reset the score if we are finish with a game?

  22. I think it's nice having the money replaced by the arcade machine cuz you can rack up as many points as you can and everyone gets their own tokens

  23. My friends didn't like the idea of having to pay attention to both their Pac-Man they'd pick and the ghost so we had it where 1 person was the ghost while the others were a Pac-Man. I was the ghost by the way ruining everyone else's fun.

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