How To Play Monopoly Bid Card Game (Hasbro) -

How To Play Monopoly Bid Card Game (Hasbro)

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How To Play Monopoly Bid Card Game (Hasbro)

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  1. Anyone gonna talk about the two slightly different greens? Can you play them together or are they two different sets?

  2. Great video but 2 things are still not clear, one thing is, What if a player runs out of money cards in the middle of the game, do they discard their entire hand and grab 5 new cards again? Or do they just have to play until they pickup money cards on the next turn?Second thing is, if a player uses a nope card to stop a player from completing a set with a wild card, does that persons wild card go into the discard pile? Or do they get to keep it and then can just use it again next turn?

  3. Didn’t understand paper instructions this helped

  4. What to do if I run out of property cards

  5. When my hand gets refilled with 5 cards during my turn whether I have to draw one more card to start my turn

  6. What if I put nope card on wild card What will happen with wild card? Card will comeback to player or we need to put her to discard pile?

  7. Thank you!!!!…for this video.
    I bought this game, 2 weeks ago.
    To my surprise there was not a single game rules video on YouTube.
    So, to my dyslexic horror, I had to read the rulebook.
    Luckily, it's a simple and easy read.
    But thank you so much for confirming my comprehension skills.

  8. Thanks for doing this review! I recently picked this card game up and am looking forward to playing it!

  9. What if a player runs out of money cards after winning an auction; does that mean they discard their hand and redraw (similar to the setup phase)?

  10. this one will play easy for sure. Monopoly Deal never made sense till we started playing
    (just like the instructions said it would haha)

  11. when you have a turn and say use 3 cards do you replace those 3 with new ones so you always have 5 cards or not?

  12. Just picked this up at Wal-Mart for $6. Looking forward to trying this out.

  13. @BoardGameMuseum what is the difference between this and monopoly deal can you do a comparison video?

  14. Hey, I bought this game recently, and mine didnt include the propertey cards in box

  15. What should be done when you run out of cards? Should you draw 5 new cards or build up one by one?

  16. The rules say that you can play a nope card if another player attempts to play a wild property. If that happened would the wild property be discarded or must the player wait until next turn to play it?

  17. So what happens when you've used all the action/money cards and there are no more to draw. Do you shuffle and flip the discard pile and start drawing until there is a winner?

  18. Thanks for helping out family learn how to play this game. We had a blast! If you ever get a chance would love a how to video on the game Kuuduk

  19. If the person who is hosting acuction wins bid on the property, can they finish the set with a wild or do they have to wait till they host again?

  20. What if only one person wants the property? Would we still discard it? 🤔

  21. I got this game in my hello fresh box but it came all in Spanish

  22. Thanks for the video. My husband and I played it tonight and honestly it wasn't much fun 😅 Maybe it's better with more than two people?

  23. In one set can we used 2 wild cards… please give reply

  24. Between the game if player don't have any card ..inthat situation what we do????

  25. I was stuck between buying Monopoly Deal, and Monopoly Bid. I think I’m going with Deal, this one looks way too confusing

  26. Thanks sooo much that was the most helpful tutorial ever

  27. I thought nope cards could only be played when an action card is played against you? In the video you use it against someone adding a wild card to their own property.

  28. Do you think I can play a nope card if somebody has just used a wild card to Complete their 3rd set, technically they have just won but I have cancelled it?

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