How to Play Monopoly Board game in Hindi | Monopoly kaise khelte hain | Rules of Monopoly -

How to Play Monopoly Board game in Hindi | Monopoly kaise khelte hain | Rules of Monopoly

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Monopoly kaise khelte hain : How To Play Monopoly in Hindi and Urdu

This explains how to play Monopoly Board Game in Hindi & Urdu. That includes all rules of Monopoly Board Game.

Monopoly Board Game Kaise khele aap is video se samajh sakte ho.
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  1. Thanks you are so good in explaining pls pin me❤️🤍

  2. Thankyou so much toys pitara for explaining love from Pakistan❤️

  3. Best Explaination ever saw.
    Mein 4 se 5 videos dekhi mgr samajhna mushkil tha mere lye but is video mein just 13 mins mein sarey doubt's clear hogye.

    Bs itna bta den k Bank ko 10% interest kese pay kren ge?
    10% calculate kese kare?

  4. ludo easy hai… ye mushkil game hai..😅thanks best video

  5. Very Simple and Very Nicely Explain 😍❤️Thank you so much ma'am for this❤️😍😁

  6. If we own all color property than should wo role dice to implant houses or we place direct house on our property in our turn

  7. So i can buy one house in one city.. or i need to buy one house in each city of mu group together?

  8. If I willing to buy the mortgage property of other player..will I want to pay the amount to seller and also to the banker?

  9. Is game me trade kaise karen plz explain me

  10. Thanks Mam
    For Explain Now I know The game Very Thanks

  11. Mam You Have Didn't Say That We can Auction And Give 50 rupees to Bank To go out of jail

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