How To Play Monopoly board game: The Quick And Easy Way -

How To Play Monopoly board game: The Quick And Easy Way

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Nick here!
Today you will learn in a concise way how to play Monopoly Board Game in english with updated rules.

The rules to play monopoly are usually very convoluted but we were able to synthesize for you.

This video will teach you all the monopoly game instructions, going through the monopoly setup, monopoly rules, board spaces, how to buy properties, mortgage, and all the other rules of Monopoly.

This game can be played from 2 to 6 players and it is family friendly.

Rules for Monopoly
0:00 – Monopoly setup
1:02 – How to Play Monopoly board game


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How to play

Your goal is to make all other players go bankrupt.
Each player rolls both dice. The highest roller starts.
On your turn, roll both dice and move your token clockwise that number of spaces then play goes to next player clockwise.
If you roll a double, you get to roll the dice again and take another turn.
If you land on a street, railroad or utilities space, check if that property has an owner.
If its unowned, you must buy or auction it.
To buy, pay the price on the board space and take the title deed card from the bank.
If you don’t want to buy it, the bank must auction it.
Bidding starts at 10 money and anyone can participate, in any order with as little as 1 money.
The bidding ends when no player is willing to increase the bid.
Then the highest bidder pays the bank.
If you land on owned property then the following happens.
If it’s a street, pay the rent shown on the street’s title deed card to it´s owner.
If the owner has each street of a color set or has houses or a hotel, the values are different
For railroad, pay the rent based on how many railroads the owner has.
And if its an utility, check the table below.
If you pass or land on the go space, collect 200 money from the bank.
If you land on a chance or community chest, take the top card from the matching deck and do what it says.
Then, return it to the bottom of the deck.
If you land on the income or luxury tax spaces, pay amount shown on the space to the bank.
If you land on a free parking or the jail space without been sent to jail, you are just visiting – nothing happens.
And if you land on the go to jail, move your token to the in-jail space.
When in jail you can still collect rent, bid, buy houses & hotels, mortgage and trade.
To leave jail you have 3 options, at the start of your next turn:
Pay 50 money then roll the dice and move as normal.
Use a get out of jail free card or try to roll a double. If you succeed, use the roll to move and that’s the end of your turn.
You cannot build a second house on a street until you have built one on each street of the color set
You can have up to 4 houses on a street.
Once you have 4 houses on all streets of a color set, you can pay to upgrade the houses into a hotel.
Pay the cost on the tittle deed card, return all 4 houses and place a hotel on the street.
You can only have 1 hotel per street and you can’t add any more houses.
Note that you cannot build a hotel on a street if any street of its color set is mortgaged.
If you owe another player or the bank and you cannot pay, you can try to raise money.
Hotel or houses can be sold to the bank for half the cost price.
If you sell a hotel, place 4 houses. Note that you have to sell them evenly.
You can also mortgage a property but you must first sell all buildings in its color set to the bank
To mortgage, turn the tittle deed card facedown and collect from bank the mortgage value on the back of the card.
Rent cannot be collected on properties that are mortgaged.
To repay a mortgage, pay to the bank the mortgage value + 10%.
You can also buy, sell or swap properties with other players at any time.
Mortgaged properties can be traded but the new owner must repay the mortgage or keep the mortgage but pay 10% of the value now.
To keep the game short, never loan money.
When a player is bankrupt, they leave the game.
When there is only one person left, that player wins the game!

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  1. Hey tabletop duo! Could you upload a how to play monopoly cheaters edition or a monopoly mega version video please? thanks!

  2. Finally I can play this game. Was never able to understand the mortgage part of it.thanks

  3. Whatif you own only 2 property from the street instead of all 3 will the renter pay only the rent? Or the rent set?

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