How to play Monopoly Builder -

How to play Monopoly Builder

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Learn the rules to the board game Monopoly Builder quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original rules of Monopoly, check out this video:

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The object of the game is to have the most points. During setup give each player $900 in the form of 2 5s and 10s. three 100s. and one 20, 50, and 500. Give each player their corresponding token reference card and 4 of the resources for whatever is shown on the left side of their card. Give them their matching color buildings. Separate the resources by type. Place the builder bonus cards by the board.

You may only have a maximum of 6 resources at the start of your turn. If you have more than six, pick the extras and place them on your current space on the board. After you roll the dice, all players collect resources based on the sum of the dice rolled based on your reference card or any properties you own. As you move around the board, if you pass any spaces with resources on them, pick them up.

You are allowed to trade resources with other players if you like for whatever deal you agree. You can also trade 4 of one resource to the bank for any single resource of your choice. After you’ve moved, you may build as many floors as you like. To build, give the bank the corresponding resources as indicated on your reference card for the floor you are building. You may build on any empty foundation space on the map. Buildings may not be moved once you place them. You may not build on top of another player’s building and the highest a building may be is 4 floors plus a penthouse. There is only 1 penthouse in the game, and once a player builds it, the game ends and points are scored.

To figure out your score, Score points for each building you have based on its height as indicated on your reference card. Score points per colored set you own as indicated on the card. For example, if you own the dark blue set, then you would score 5 points. Check and see who qualifies for the builder’s bonus and add the points indicated on the cards to their scores. Then the player with the most points wins.

At any point in the game, if you are bankrupt, you do not lose the game, after giving the creditor all you have, you end your turn and you do take any future turns. But once the penthouse is built you add up your score along with everyone else. Who knows, you might win!


  1. If you make two 3 story buildings it'll take 16 resources to get 12 points. It also takes 16 resources to get pent house and end the game with 16 points. The other opponents would need to get at least another 6 resources before making the straight pent house shot strategy null. Of course it requires a lot of luck to get the right resources, but I wonder how many people will get the theoretical quick win.

  2. The rule is the same as juan chess except for these changes

  3. It’s like someone said “what if we took Monopoly and just… Catan.”

  4. The rules are the same as regular chess except for these changes, oh wait.

  5. Game request: Can you make a video on how to play TurnSpell word game?

  6. Can you do monopoly Poundland edition please?

  7. There's a Monopoly Target edition, could you make a video on that if you find it?

  8. Thanks for this video. Do you have a video for the "I Dissent" game? It's a game to celebrate the life efforts of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

  9. Is anyone else watching most of their videos even if you don’t own the game

  10. Bruh imagine if this dude makes a video on scott the woz monopoly

  11. Those adds that I see over and over again now Triple S Games is covering it as well.

  12. Definitely should have just went ahead and said "the rules are the same as regular chess except for…"

    Would have been comedy gold

    Also just throwing in an "en passant is not allowed" would have made the joke perfect

  13. I played this and it was too easy for me to win. It ends really fast

  14. "Who knows? You might win ;)" made me smile

  15. I hate to be that one guy that says this but I am the 800th like.

    Edit: wow thanks you stupid idiot that stole my 800th like, you ruined my day.

  16. This sounds a lot like
    Monopoly: Catan Edition

  17. this couldve been a cool variant, but the points rewards are busted. there's no reason not to just immediately build the penthouse as soon as you have the chance, youre practically guaranteed to win just based on that one tower alone if you build it early in the game

  18. Imagine going bankrupt and still winning though

  19. I think if it was something closer to Phase 10, with requiring each player to build through a series of levels before acquiring the penthouse, it would be more balanced. As it is, I can't see why someone wouldn't try and aim for the endgame right off the bat.

  20. A variant of this game that I came up with:
    You start with a max of 8 resources.
    The resources for the bottom floor also add on to the cost of the next floor up.
    The point total for each floor is the number indicated on the card plus every number indicated for the floors below.
    For every floor you have on the tallest building, you increase your resource limit by 1.
    If you land on a resource space, you can trade 3 to 1 of any resource for the specified resource.
    If you go bankrupt, opponents can build on your buildings, even if another opponent has built on that same building as you when you went bankrupt. The costs for each floor is doubled to counter this.

  21. My Variation:
    This is a 20-turn game. Two ways to win:
    1. Have the most points by the end of the 20th turn.
    2. Build the Penthouse for an Instant win!

  22. Question: What if the game ends up in a situation where the Penthouse can't be built,like if all the players have used their building blocks?

  23. On April 1, you really need to add a how to play for a completely unrelated game where you start with 'The rules are the same as regular Monopoly, except for these changes'. 😁

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