How to play Monopoly Cheaters Edition -

How to play Monopoly Cheaters Edition

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Learn the rules to the classic board game Monopoly Cheaters Edition quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules.

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0:00 Object
0:29 Setup
1:35 Play
5:35 Cheating
6:39 Hotels
7:57 Ending

The object of the game is to cheat to get ahead fast and to try to catch other players cheating as you try to collect the most properties and money. The game ends with all properties have been purchased and each player has made it back to go. Then the player with the most cash wins. There are very specific ways for how you can cheat, all other forms of cheating are not allowed.

Layout the board and give each player 1500 dollars divided into 2 500s 4 100s, 1 fifty 1 twenty and 3 tens. Players must keep their money spread out in front of themselves and not in a single stack. The rest of the money goes in the bank tray. Put the hotels in the bank tray. Place 1 hotel on Connecticut avenue. That hotel is free for whoever buys the property. Shuffle the community and change decks and place them face down on their spots on the board. Shuffle the cheat cards and place them in the bank tray. Draw 5 cheat cards and place them face up in the center of the board. Place the title deed cards next to their matching board spaces. Each player picks a token and places it on Go. Place the dice and handcuffs by the board.

Each player rolls the dice and the player with the highest total goes first, then play proceeds clockwise. Give the first player the bank tray and dice. On your turn, check the face up cheat cards so you can plan how and when you can get away with a cheat. Roll both dice then move your pawn exactly that many spaces clockwise around the board. If you roll doubles, then you get to take another turn, unless you’ve rolled doubles three times in a row; in that case you go to jail and do not complete your third turn. Once your turn is finished pass the dice and bank tray to the next player. Once the next player rolls, then your turn is officially over.

If you land on an unowned property, pay the bank the amount listed on the board then collect the title deed in front of you. If you don’t have enough money or don’t want to buy the property, then the property goes up for auction to the highest bidder. The Bidding starts at 10 and can increase in increments as little as 10. Whoever wins the auction gets the property and pays the bank. If no player bids then the property remains with the bank and no one gets it.

If you own all the streets in a colored set, then you own a monopoly. Rent is now increased for those properties and you may build hotels. When you land on a property that someone else owns, the owner must ask you for rent. If they do, then you must pay them the proper rent price as indicated on their card based on the condition of the property. If the property owner fails to ask you for rent before the next player rolls the dice, then you do not have to pay them. Some cards refer to a property’s face value. The face value is the price listed on the board space, unless it has a hotel, then the face value is the rent price of that property with a hotel.

When you land on or pass go you collect $200 from the bank. When you land on chance or community chest. Draw the top card from the respective pile and if it says to do something immediately, then you read it aloud and follow the instructions. Otherwise you may hold onto the card until you’re ready to use it later. You may only have 1 change and 1 community chest card at a time, if you draw a new one you will need to play or discard one of them to the bottom of the deck.

Railroads are not for sale. If you land on a railroad, then you move to the next railroad space and end your turn. If you land on free parking you draw either a chance or community chest card. If you land on “go to jail”, then you move your token immediately to jail, you do not collect $200. Put the handcuff on and place its base underneath the board near your seat. Your turn is over, but you may still collect rent, bid on auctions, buy hotels, and trade while in jail. You may also catch cheaters and cheat; but you may not play chance or community chest cards except for get out of jail free cards. If someone is already in jail when you go to jail, then they are released to the just visiting spot and you are given the handcuff. There may only be 1 player in jail at a time.

To get out of jail you may pay $50 at the start of your turn then roll and move like normal. Or, instead of paying, you may use a get out of jail free card. Or you can roll doubles. If you do, move your token that many spaces and end your turn. If you fail to roll doubles by your third turn in jail, then you must pay the $50 and move based on your last roll….


  1. Can we just appreciate the effort of getting a 1 in 216 triple, double dice roll

  2. 0:55 Pentonville Road
    TLDR. We don't need a repeat of the rules of Monopoly. And if the mods are complicated we won't remember them so we won't play the game.

  3. At this point, they need Monopoly: Monopoly Edition, where you land on and buy different versions of Monopoly!

  4. This is an excellent game to play if you are planning on becoming a politician!

  5. I played this last night and all we did was fight… this game is how to ruined friendships and relationships

  6. Congratulations

    You have achieved STUPIDITY

  7. it takes someone, dumb enough to design a monopoly game, to include the rule "all other forms of cheating are not allowed", while also having a "do whatever you want" action on one card.

  8. If you thought normal Monopoly was a game that ruins friendships and family ties, get ready for the cheaters edition.

  9. Oh hey it's real life

    I thought we were playing monopoly though

  10. Any version of monopoly is Cheaters edition if you play with the right group.

  11. This just looks like a reason to fight with your family and in-laws

  12. Most of these sound like bad jokes and/or are needlessly complicated but this one legitimately looks like fun

  13. In my board game group one rule is very important. This rule is "If Monopoly opens, blood spills."

  14. Can you bribe other players to find you not guilty?

  15. Bro you're already allowed to skip on rent unless caught??

  16. Alternate title: Monopoly real life edition

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  18. I play my own cheaters version. If the other players aren't looking I steal 100s from the bank

  19. How you rolling those doubles so easily tho

  20. I thought I could show off my dice cheating but nope

  21. lands on someone's property
    Quickly turns to the next player
    "Quick roll these dice"
    (That is like most of the "cheating" I experienced lol)

  22. am i the only one that despises the auction system?

  23. i know how to play monopoly but i dint know thier were cheat edition

  24. Why's it called "Cheaters Edition" if there are restrictions on how you can cheat?

  25. there are specific ways you can cheat, and other ways of cheating are technically not allowed, but its literally called Cheaters Edition, to not break the rules would be poor etiquette.

  26. I remember getting chance cards telling me to pay $100 and I just tell my family that it says I get $100. I don’t need to buy this to cheat.

  27. There are more monopoly version than I know people.
    It’s always so annoying if you are playing monopoly In a new group you need to discuss your rules because anyone plays this game differently

  28. Alt title:Monopoly Friendship Ruiner edition

  29. Monopoly: Playing with your Older Brother Edition

  30. When cheating is such a common part of the game that it becomes its own game:
    Wait, that's legal.

  31. "There are certain ways to cheat, all other ways to cheat are not allowed"

    and here I was thinking this was monopoly but anarchy

    but that aside this seems actually fun

  32. "Other forms of cheating are not allowed"
    Purge but crime is still illegal

  33. what a way of destroying a great game

  34. I love that the game has to specify that you can only cheat in the ways specified by the rules,. All other cheating is cheating.

  35. Even though I'm watching for it, I actually can't see you grab that $500 from the bank. I see your hand go over it, but I can't spot the bill being grabbed. I can't tell if you had it hidden elsewhere.

  36. Imagine how long it took for him to roll doubles 3 times

  37. I Am Surprised By The Quality Of This Monopoly.
    We Have Colored Pawns As The Player Token (Or Whatever Is Called).
    There's Also No Bank, The Bank Is Literally The Box Where The Board Is.
    Also No Handcuff.

  38. i have a problem, there was a cheating card on the board stating that a player could steal money from the bank and so i did. I stole every single 500M bill in the bank and nobody noticed so i ended up being rich just with that. Is that against the rules?

  39. Monopoly cheaters edition. You can cheat if its in the rules, you cant if its not in the rules

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