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How to Play Monopoly City Board Game By Hasbro

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A review on how to play the board game Monopoly City by Hasbro,

A review on how to play the board game Monopoly City by Hasbro.

At first you think you are playing good old Monopoly where they just add some extra buildings to give a little twist. But the longer you play, the more you realise they actually made a whole new game. You start with more money than usual, which gives you the idea you will last longer (with a bit of luck maybe). The fact that now you can build right away when you bought a property, gives so much dynamic to the game. No more waiting until you have the whole set, or not having the set because one player refuses to trade. Even with a couple of single properties you can win the game.
But not so fast. Everybody wants to win of course. And with the 80 extra buildings they added to the game, nothing was ever so uncertain. On every property you can build residential or industrial buildings. The first is not protected against negative buildings (hazards) and requires positive buildings otherwise the property becomes worthless. The industrial buildings on the other hand are protected but they cost twice as much! So you will have to make choice. And the added electronic device will, besides timing deals, always indicate how many buildings you can exactly make.
There is also no community chest anymore, only chance. But they have changed the content of the cards which makes the game less predictable and more fun to play- watch your buildings being crushed because of an earthquake or not getting your rent because a player evades the number thrown with the dice.
Besides these changes, there are many more twists to the game which I will not reveal here but be sure that they all add to the greatness that once was and that now has even become better.
Monopoly City made its first public appearance at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2009. #boardgame #ads #ads
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  1. I want monopoly city really badly! I may explain how to play monopoly in a few months

  2. Can you show your BGM inventory but take the picture representing every game?

  3. Question. Will you get one of the highest ranking games like Pandemic Legacy: Season 1?

  4. Very different twist on the game. It looked so strange not to roll the dice on the board like standard monopoly. Great review.

  5. It’s been so long since I’ve played this. Thanks for reminding me!

  6. I truly believe this is the best monopoly ever made. I just managed to put my hands on sealed version of it even if they don't make them anymore. Had the best fun at table games with this game. Brings monopoly to a whole new level. It becomes fun for adults too. Great video btw

  7. What do you do with the paper money if you have electronic money?

  8. 6:16 LOL, so the city builds a sewage plant or landfill next to your property and all your value disappears.

  9. Another Amazing Game By Monopoly I wish I had one of those

  10. I have this game, tbh it’s my favourite monopoly game. I mostly like to just design my own city then play the game.

  11. i got the game but IT DIDNT CAME With Instructions booklet -.-

  12. LOL You can put a hazard on my land but I'll just put industrial areas. Oh and the prison won't have anything built near it. However there should've been more bonus buildings and hazards. Have More Bonus Buildings like Fire Station, Hospital, Police Station, Amusement Park, Beach, Shops and University. Have more Hazards like Car Junkyard, Oil Rig, Dump and Truck Depot.

  13. It was your video that got me to buy this game.

  14. Dude I'm trynna find this game new but places are asking $130 plus for this!!!! Like why???

  15. Managed to snag one of these from a thrift store for $5. Didn’t know it’s true value… can’t find them for less than $50 on Amazon right now

  16. Me and my brother bought this many years ago and still play it today. Its probably the best version of monopoly that exists.

  17. how much does the industrial building and residential buildings cost per 1

  18. Just found it didnt know they were so expensive

  19. I’d like to watch the full list of Monopoly City Chance Cards

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