How to play Monopoly Crooked Cash -

How to play Monopoly Crooked Cash

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Learn the rules to the board game Monopoly Crooked Cash quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original rules of Monopoly, check out this video:

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During setup place 3 chance cards faceup on the board. Put the decoder on the board. Give each player 2 decoder chips, green side up. Money and chance cards have hidden patterns on them that tell you if they are fake or not. Whenever a player pays the bank or another player, or is about to use a chance card, you may check one money bill that player is using or the chance card to see if it is fake, by flipping one of your green decoder chips to red. You may never check your own money or chance card.

To check money, you must announce it after they have the money in their hand but before they finish paying or making chance. Flip a decoder chip to red and pick 1 money bill the player is using. Then use the decoder to reveal the hidden pattern by lining up the M on the decoder with the M on the money. Rotate the decoder until you get a clear image.

If the pattern reveals a mr monopoly face that has a mask, then it is a fake. If the mr monopoly doesn’t have a mask, then it is real. If you reveal fake money, then announce it and you get to keep that bill and the player is unable to use it for their transaction and they must now use other money in its place. Any player, including you, may use another decoder chip to check this money too. If you find a real bill, then you announce it and nothing happens and the transaction occurs like normal. Fake money is worth its face value at the end of the game. Whenever you pay money to the bank, put that money at the bottom of the appropriate pile.

Whenever a player lands on chance, they get to pick one of the face-up chance cards on the board, then replace the empty space with a new card from the top of the chance deck. Players may keep up to 1 chance card in front of them until they are ready to use it. If they would draw a new chance card but already have one, then they may discard the one they have for a new one if they want. When you use a chance card, it goes to the bottom of the chance deck. Whenever another player uses a chance card you may flip a decoder chip to red to decode that chance card. You are not allowed to check your own chance cards. If the card is a fake, then announce it and collect $100 from the bank and the chance card is put at the bottom of the chance deck and nothing happens. If the chance card was real, then announce it and the player who drew it gets to use it.

Whenever you land on or pass go, you get to flip all your decoder chips that are red to green. Whenever you land on a train space, advance to the next unowned property and you must buy it or auction it.

There are no houses, instead you just build hotels on complete colored sets. Some chance and community chest cards will allow you to place hotels on properties that are not a complete set. The game ends when all the properties have been purchased. Each player then collects rent from the bank for each of their properties. All the players count their cash, including fake cash, and the player with the most money, real or fake, wins.


  1. The least interesting part of this game: The fake cash, it doesn't seem like it adds anything to the game, except making transactions probability based. The most interesting part of this game: How they do the counting at the end, seems much simpler to base it off of rent value. Now I do wish that there was a way for you to try to "cheat" the game by purposefully obtaining the "fake" cash, but it doesn't seem like there's a good mechanism for doing that.

  2. Okay, who was the baboon that made our dollar bills? Oh, it was literally a baboon?

  3. I found an Easter egg on the board!The money on the board (the decoration)’s patterns can actually be scanned! They reveal game token pictures!

  4. You forget to mention when you land on property and community chest,jail too

  5. Wouldnt buy. Sound like a fun change to the classic game, but the execution is bad. I can literally look at the pattern and my brain will complete the image without the "decoder". Even if you couldnt, you could just remember the change in the pattern as there is only one change. As each player, who can be checked could know which of their bills is fake, it makes the rules obsolete in every situation except when there is only one bill you have to use. Easy fix: Make a UV print and include a UV lamp. Additional rule: After each transaction, the two parties have to shuffle their bill stacks.

  6. For me in the UK it is called Monopoly Cash Decoder

  7. Could you do a show to play mad gabriel card game video

  8. "you MUST tell the truth" this sounds so chaotic

  9. It seems like all the decoding thing does is add a bit of novelty and slows down the game,while having the mechanical equivalent of choosing to roll a die any time someone does something for a chance to steal their stuff.I guess if you could keep track what money is fake, then you can easily steal it. but this is made somewhat moot by money being deposited at the bottom of the bank, not the top.

  10. Oh…now we're doing Monopoly variants.

  11. I have a question. How are hidden patterns printed like that in order for you to see by using a decoder?

  12. very interesting idea that you have a chance to literally steal someones money in monopoly. also watched a 6 second ad 😉

  13. It’s kind of boring. Like he doesn’t really play into the theme that it’s built around. I feel like there’s so many more in cooler ways you could try and implement counterfeit and fake money as a concept into a monopoly game.

  14. I figured there would be a penalty for being busted trying to use the fake bills or Chance cards.

  15. Let’s be honest,we just watch this for fun,we have no intention for buying these games.

  16. Just curious — do you buy all the games you explain? Wouldn't that cost a lot?

  17. If you pass GO while using the train, do you collect $200 and flip over any of your red decoders?

  18. sweats will be able to figure out what is fake without needing the lens

  19. "there are no houses" feels like it's going to be the new "en passant is not allowed"

  20. Can you so how to play single player domino games plz🙏🏽

  21. I can see this in central ladpao

  22. There’s probably some big brain person who can just visualise the image decoded.

  23. Hasbro currently has a pizza-themed Monopoly available on their website. Do you think you could review that next? As a diehard pizza lover it definitely caught my interest.

  24. This is neat! I wanna get this someday! Still waiting for Monopoly Millionaire.

  25. So you get 2 decoders for 100 pieces of money? Terrible

  26. In England we have this game but it's called Monopoly Cash Decoder

  27. 3:13 You can literally tell that this is real without using the decoder

  28. If your still confused how to play, learn the original monopoly then learn the version you've got. It has helped me so much.

  29. i think i dont need a decoder to know what's fake and whats not

  30. i've bought this one thinking it would be more interesting, but i have to admit, it's super easy to know if one bill is fake or not without the decoder, so this makes useless the whole decoder thing and just works like classic monopoly. Bills should have had better patterns

  31. honestly, the rules kinda suck
    like, the game could be have some p neat bluffing if you could decode your own money and or if there were more concequences for getting called out for using fake money/caliing someone out when they where using real money

  32. Wait, you keep the fake money? So basically you have to shuffle your money stack so no one will know where it is

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