How to Play 'Monopoly Deal' Card Game (in Hindi) | Best Family Card Games in India. -

How to Play ‘Monopoly Deal’ Card Game (in Hindi) | Best Family Card Games in India.

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Learn how to play ‘Monopoly Deal’ card game step by step (in Hindi)
‘Monopoly Deal’ is a fun family card game for 2 to 5 players.

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00:02 Intro
00:23 Components
00:38 Game Objective
01:09 Setup
01:51 How to Play
02:17 Step 1 – Pick Cards
02:38 Step 2 – Play Cards
03:12 Money Cards
03:58 Property Cards
04:51 Action Cards
10:52 Step 3 – End Turn

If you have any questions regarding the game rules, feel free to ask them in the comments below.

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  1. If two players are playing and player A is bankrupt then player b will win
    Or player A can burrow money

  2. Sir aaj ma ye game 3 player ke saath khel raha tha tab draw pile ke sab cards over ho gaye the to hame kuch samaj nahi aaya ki aage kya kare. to hamne game quite kardiya tha. To aise situation ma karna hota ha. Pls reply…❤️

  3. It's very nice ☺️☺️☺️☺️👍🏻👍🏻🎉

  4. The action card is applied to a next player or alll

  5. Per monopoly deal kebox per 108 cards likha hay tum log झूठ बोल रहे हो

  6. Sir very nice explanation but I didn't understand one part

    When i use house card on full set who will pay me rent and when?

  7. Your voice is so beautiful and bro you are also beautiful😍

  8. Hmm rent card dalenge toh hum Sabhi player's se Mangaaa ge ya ek se

  9. Do we need cards in collection area open? i.e players can see each other property card?

  10. If I don't have money and give my property card against it.
    Then does that property card go into other player's money or he can use as his property?

  11. putting a property card infront of you will be counted as a turn of the three you have and putting money in bank from hand will it also be counted as a turn from the 3 you have?

  12. Which kinda cards 💳💳💳to keep In our hand

  13. Suppose we got a rent action card of blue – green and I have a whole set of blue whose rent after full set is 8M then, I have to collect 8M for both tickets or 16M for both tickets

  14. Amazing explanation I wasn't understanding this game at all but when I saw this video I understood everything and started playing with my friend. It's so fun game!

  15. Kya hath me rakhe cards ko jab collection area me rakhenge to woh 3 play cards me count hoga? Ya for hum jitna chahe apne collection area me rakh sakte hai?

  16. And in each turn can we put down all the money at once and all the property cards together or we can lay one one each

  17. Monopoly the American version kah bhi video nekalo pleas

  18. We keep all the Cards in the bank area and property area so no cards
    will be lleft in our hands

  19. I understand with ur video but not by instruction given…. Thank you

  20. hi good explaination , i just want ask if i have full set of property card and not money card in my bank , then should i have to pay the rent from my full set property card to other player

  21. Agar hum ek action card se kisi aur ki property le rahe but hamara collection area pehele se hi bhara hua hai toh mujhe vo property card haath me rakhna hai ki desk pe ?

  22. Hey you said to remove the 4 rule cards,but in my set ,behind two rule cards they have printed properties,pls tell what to do

  23. Can you make the video of splendor game how to play ?

  24. Monopoly cards have used the bay ke piche to 108 cards likha hua

  25. And can we use just say no card as a money card in bank area

  26. Very nice explanation 👌
    Can you please clear my some douts
    1. If I convert action card into money and give it to someone does he will use it as money or action card
    2. In our property section we can make more than three rows of property or only three
    3. If a got some extra cards in my hand eg. Extra property or some action card what I have to do

  27. In my monopoly deal I have only 2 instruction card hai our box mai bhi 108 cards number hai kayou hai asa

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