How to play monopoly deluxe game in hindi -

How to play monopoly deluxe game in hindi

Trish Air
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This video gives a detailed explanation of the game Monopoly Deluxe in Hindi.
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  1. It's wrong if u land on jail so u just visit it not go in it

  2. Thank you for such an in-depth explanation 🙂

  3. Hlo mam
    Can you make a video of flippin out game please

  4. If we made hotel then we have to charge hotel price on all 4 houses or on which we have made hotel only on that one

  5. What do we do when we got a community chest- advance to “Go”

  6. What do we do when we get a community chest- you inherit £100

  7. How to end the game and what have to do to win the game

  8. If we pass from GO
    We have to collect 200 pounds
    And I am asking that we have to collect 200 pounds in every round

  9. Can u please suggest a better monopoly edition

  10. Can you make video on ""Monopoly Ultimate Banking edition""

  11. Bizli pani vale ka kise rent ..kya krna hota hai woh to ap ne bataua nhi hai

  12. If I have only one color card then I only receive site rent???

  13. i am encouraging the fact that you made this video in hindi but you have to keep the community chest and chance cards on the board . where written.

  14. Aap jo jail me he voto just visiting he bhai. US par kuch nhi penalty Deni padti.

  15. What if we have to finish the game for what basis we should decide the winner properties or money?

  16. Can u give the details about the money……like number of 500 bills…number of 100 bills

  17. Thank you so much di for this video 🤗👌🏻👍🏻

  18. chance and community cards should be in the dedicated place on the board

  19. Yeh monopoly e aap ko Mili kahan se hamen bhi comment karna

  20. Please make a video on how to play luxor monopoly

  21. Thank u so much. Very good explanation 🙂🙂🙂

  22. Jo bhi unlike kar raha hai oo pagal hai

  23. In income tax we have to give the bank money

  24. If we make a hotel , will we still get rent on all other properties of the same colour? & How much?

  25. Thank you 🙏 so much for the information. It is very important for me.

  26. I thought jail yu can go only when yu fall on go to jail; else its just visiting isnt it

  27. Property se guzarne pr bhi ghar bana sakte hai ya uspe land hona zaruri hai ghar banane ke liye.

  28. Very nice explanation of the game..Thankyou!

  29. Thankyou didi mene order kardiya hai deluxe edition , very important to me

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