How To Play Monopoly Discover -

How To Play Monopoly Discover

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Learn how to play Monopoly Discover with this quick concise how to play explanation along with how to set up the game. This video includes both Level 1 and Level 2 Instructions for this 2022 game!

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From The Publisher: LEARN, EARN, AND GROW: It’s a game that grows with kids! The Monopoly Discover board game presents playful teaching tools for families
2 LEVELS OF PLAY: The 2-sided gameboard offers 2 levels of play: One side focuses on counting and matching for little kids. Flip the board over for a focus on reading and simple math for big kids
ADORABLE MONOPOLY TOKENS: Kids will love using the Monopoly tokens: Penguin, Car, Ducky, Scottie, Hazel, and Rex
2 SETS OF MONEY AND CARDS: Each level includes its own set of Monopoly money and cards, appropriate for that level
SIMPLIFIED MONOPOLY GAMEPLAY: From the makers of Monopoly Junior, this board game is designed to be fast, fun, and an exciting game for kids ages 4 and up


  1. But the fun part is getting money from free parking lol

  2. thank you for clear instructions great video !

  3. I think this is way to difficult for a 4 year old

  4. Just bought this for the grandkids. Thanks so much for the clear instructions. Great video.

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