How to play Monopoly Electronic Banking (2009) -

How to play Monopoly Electronic Banking (2009)

Triple S Games
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Learn the rules to the 2009 board game Monopoly Electronic Banking quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original rules of Monopoly, check out this video:

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The rules are the same as regular monopoly except for these changes. All money is digital and each player takes a bank card. Press any button on the game unit to turn it on. Hold the “c” button to clear the balances from the previous game. Whenever you need to add money to your account, put your card in the green side. Whenever you need to spend money, put your card in the red side. If you need to pay another player, then they put their card in the green side while yours is in the red. Always wait until the new balance shows on all cards before removing any card from the game unit. To view your balance, insert your card into either side then remove it without pressing any buttons.

When you land on go, insert your card and press the go arrow. Money increments in thousands and millions, indicated by the K or M respectively. When typing in money, you must include the proper increment after the numbers to enter it. Press the c to delete a mistake and reenter it.

The price to get out of jail is 500 thousand.


  1. There's different years for the game, the card that Mr. Monopoly is using says 2014, but the cards shown after that say 2005.

  2. My monopoly credit card machine beeps when you insert credit card but display not working. Could the battery need to be replaced

  3. nmonopoly electonic banking 2011 edition os my favourite monopoly

  4. This looks stupid, I'd rather play the original and see the cash.

  5. I know it's old. Is there a new version of Monopoly Electronic Banking?

  6. Monopoly World Deluxe(I think that's the name)uses the same system with an updated machine layout,otherwise functions exactly the same except that the reset for the money is a small button on the bottom of the machine that can only be accessed by a pen or pencil like pointed tip,one of the hotels given in that set works too.

  7. Where do you get all your Monopoly games from ?

  8. @Triple S Games Did you had a problem with your version ? The screen never turned on :/

  9. Video suggestion: How about a "how to play" video on the modern day version of regular Monopoly?

    Coz I believe there are have been some rule changes over the years, such as the flat $200 Income Tax payment and the "4 $100s" money distribution.

  10. can you make how to play uno wild twist ?

  11. Hey, I have this one in my house! My family used to play this but never finished a game.

  12. Can you do Insane monopoly next? It’s on Tabletop Simulator

  13. Did you take so long to buy this vintage product and play this

  14. Ah yes I love watching how to play games I don’t own

  15. One thing that the cards have is like a plastic sheet like one on a phone screen that is just satisfying to peel off

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