How To Play Monopoly For Sore Losers Board Game (Hasbro) -

How To Play Monopoly For Sore Losers Board Game (Hasbro)

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How To Play Monopoly For Sore Losers Board Game (Hasbro).

Don’t get sad…get even! Say goodbye to the frustration of losing while playing Monopoly, and say hello to the Monopoly For Sore Losers board game. This hilarious twist on the Monopoly game turns losing on its head and celebrates it instead. Players earn cash by doing the typically frustrating things in the game such as going to Jail, paying rent on a property, or going bankrupt. And those who really start sinking can make a comeback using the large Mr. Monopoly token that gives players advantages over everyone else. So get playing, get the revenge you’ve been craving, and feel good about losing! Family Game Night might never be the same again with this game for ages 8 and up.

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  1. All these complex rules of rent and mortgage and buying and selling for a child who is 8 years old? This is a big lie from the Hasbro company and we are confused by buying this game

  2. This game should be translated to Hebrew.

  3. Interesting twist…as always you did a very thorough review.👍

  4. i guess the lesson here is dont get sad get even

  5. So basically, it's Monopoly that simulates the 2020 Greater Depression and Covid-19 pandemic

  6. How long do each player become mr.monopoly just one turn?

  7. If Mr Monopoly lands on your property and you pay him the rent do you also get a sore losers token?

  8. "Don't get sad, get even"
    The bullied kid:
    grabs AR-15

  9. So they cannot take a property if it is a full color set?

  10. Do you get the mr. monopoly piece until someone else gets it or does it only last 1 round?

  11. So…how long are you Mr Monopoly for? Seems unfair to be him forever till someone else cashes in.

  12. Imma make myself a sore winner. Thx for the tip

  13. If i am mr monopoly, without collecting sore loser coins, can i just make deals and get coims from other players while being Mr. Monopoly.

  14. when you buy this game does is come with that Cash Stack or whatever you call it?

  15. What happens if somebody lands on the same square as Mr Monopoly, are they trapped?

  16. Can you steal mortgaged properties if your mr monopoly

  17. Hello.
    I would like to ask two questions.

    Can I sell the free houses of an one and only property that I built when I was Mr monopoly?

    Also , the other question is about the mortgage scenario.
    If I sell one property which has houses on, the houses are still gonna be mine , are they going to the player who would be the new owner or I should sell them to take the money back?
    ( You have mentioned this , but It was not so clear to me)

  18. Imagine you roll a double on dices, can you still choose to be Mr. Monopoly on the second time you’ll roll the dice? (You don’t chose to be mr monopoly when you were playing first, but then you rolled a double and wanted to be it in the next play)

  19. Thanks for the video..Can you buy unclaimed property as Mr monopoly?

  20. Overall would you recommend this version of monopoly? I’m in two minds whether I should purchase this version, or the mega version.

  21. This version sounds great for those younger family members who get angry/upset when they lose lol

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  23. My friend, I have a question, what happens if I'm in jail and I have four sore loser coins, can I use them to be mr. monopoly?

  24. Great review. Thanks. It saves reading the instructions. Did you actually enjoy playing…just wondered what your personal oppinion of this version of the game is?
    I might make some custom changes myself to keep it simpler but it looks fun..a little dark in presentation compared to the standard game..

  25. Great video!! We were wondering if the player must collect a coin every time he pays rent, because the Mr monopoly landed on this property??? Tia

  26. Your videos about board games are very clear and informative! Thanks 🙂

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