How to play Monopoly For Sore Losers -

How to play Monopoly For Sore Losers

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Learn the rules to the board game Monopoly For Sore Losers quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For the original Monopoly rules, check out this video:

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All the regular rules for monopoly still apply except for these changes. Check out this video for any clarification. During Setup, give each player a reference card and 2 sore loser tokens. Place the rest of the tokens in the middle of the board. Place mr monopoly on the board. Each player rolls both dice and the player with the lowest total goes first, then play proceeds clockwise.

Any time you pay rent to another player, taxes and bills to the bank, go to jail, or land on your own property, you collect 1 sore loser token from the center of the board. If you land on free parking, then you steal a sore loser token from any other player. Community chest and chance cards can also give you sore loser tokens. You may not have more than 4 sore loser tokens at a time; if you would collect a 5th, put it in the center of the board instead. Whenever you have 4 sore loser tokens, you may, at the start of any of your turns, before you roll, trade them in to become Mr monopoly.

Take the mr monopoly token from the middle of the board and replace your token with that one. While you are mr monopoly, instead of paying players rent and the bank taxes and bills, you collect it from them instead. Instead of going to jail, you send any other player to jail. If you roll doubles 3 times in a roll, don’t go to jail, continue your turn and roll again. If you are in jail when you become mr monopoly then you are released from jail. Whenever any player rolls doubles, including you, place 1 free house on any street on the board. That street does not need to be owned by you nor does it need to be in a complete set. IF you place a house on an unowned street then whoever buys that property still pays its list price on the board but gets the house for free. You may not place a 5th house on a street nor a hotel. All houses and hotels on the board may not be removed or sold. If you trade or sell a property that has a building on it to another player, the buildings goes to the new owner. When you are down to the last house that people want to buy you auction it off, starting at $10 and increasing in increments as little as $1.

Also, while you are mr monopoly, whenever you land on the same space as another player, this includes the just visiting space while another player is in jail, cover their token with mr monopoly and steal 1 property from them. You may not steal a property that is part of a complete set. As long as your piece covers their piece, that player’s turn is skipped; however all players under mr monopoly may still take part in auctions, collect rent, and buy houses and hotels; but they may not trade-in sore loser tokens. When Mr monopoly lands on the same space as you, collect 1 sore loser token. If you become mr monopoly while on the same space as another player; they are not trapped and you may not steal a property.

While you are mr monopoly, you are not allowed to collect sore loser tokens. If another player cashes in 4 sore loser tokens while you are mr monopoly, then they take mr monopoly from you and your original token returns to your current space, and they put their token in the middle of the board. You are allowed to trade and sell your sore loser tokens to other players.

If you trade a mortgaged property then the new owner of that property must immediately repay the mortgage by paying the bank the unmortgaged cost; or they may keep the mortgage and only pay the bank 10% of the mortgage value. If you go bankrupt any sore loser tokens you have are returned to the center of the board instead of given to the creditor.

The game ends when all the properties have been purchased and all the players have made it back to go. When you reach Go, stop even if you have moves left, and collect $200. If you are mr monopoly at the end, you do not steal a property when you land on go. Once everyone has arrived at Go, then each player collects rent from all their properties at their current rent level, whether that be with buildings or double rent value. Count up your cash and the player with the most money wins!


  1. Not gonna play this game in my life, but good to know!

  2. As a side note, this version still has the "if you land on a property and the owner doesn't ask for rent, you don't have to pay it" rule. It's actually important to house rule this away and make rent collection mandatory; this is because otherwise people will tactically not ask for rent in order to avoid giving other players sore loser tokens, which quickly becomes a silly mess.

  3. Wow, this doesn't sound fun in the slightest.

  4. Cash in four sore loser tokens to gain the Infinity Gems.

  5. This seems to be a trend in some of the more recent Monopoly variations where the game ends shortly after all the properties are owned and I really don't like it. It turns the game into something more like the Game of Life than an actual competition where your goal is to defeat your opponents. Does anyone know why some variations do this?

  6. I fear no man
    But that thing
    It scares me

  7. Love how they mock the types of monopoly players

  8. I might buy this just for those d6, those look great

  9. How is it for sore loosers? It's just how a billionaire feels like Monopoly.

  10. So Monopoly with Mario Kart style rubber banding. This could go on forever…

  11. I like what they did with the tokens – a sunken battleship – wait, is that dog dead or just rolling over?

  12. 0'50 My house rules have free parking money involved…

  13. 1'43 If you get doubles a lot, then it'd be a pretty long game…

  14. If you have the mr monopoly token now you're in god mode

  15. the only vertion with a ă̧̲̪̭͎̜̜̗̮̒̚ ̟̩̂͠ͅf̨͕͍̖̮̤̆̈ͅi̴̮̙͍͖͖̰̩̒n̴̫̖̜̻͈͓͔̩̏ͧå̵͓̹͈͚l̷̗̮̿ͤ̅̽ ̍̍͏̪̞̮̤̬b̨̼̪ͪo̩̱̜̩̣̺͂̽͢s̡͕̜̐́̂̂ͅs̷̠͉̤̰̏ͨ̒

  16. This is too complicated. Just flip the table the board is on and declare victory!

  17. I thought this was gonna be tips and tricks that can be applied to any monopoly game

  18. Monopoly but you can become Jeff Bezos

  19. This really is just the sore looser game. Activate god mode

  20. Aka monopoly has rules for everyone else but the rich lol

  21. this is just what billionaires do in real life lol

  22. Omg I swear it’s either Monopoly or Chess videos from this channel in my recommended ALWAYS lol

  23. Are these actual games or an elaborate scheme of irony

  24. Was it not enough of a friendship killer already?

  25. On one hand: the changes seem nice; on the other hand: it is still Monopoly and why would anyone in their right mind waste time playing it…

  26. Playing as Mr. Monopoly is essentially "government mode."

  27. Okay for real tho this sounds like it isn't as bad as normal Monopoly

  28. That sounds so much worse than notmal Monopoly lol

  29. At first, I thought Hasbro had forgotten the joke, actual business monopoly's being lampooned on purpose by monopoly's gameplay…but then I looked closer at some of these newer versions, and it's very clear Hasbro remembers the joke and is rolling with it into the modern era.

  30. Doesn’t matter, Scott the wozopoly is superior

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